Health Care to Belay those Fears – Agoraphobia & Anxiety situations

The Holistic Health Center in Vaughan, Ontario, is a center that is totally aware that Agoraphobia is a disorder that:

  • Is very real and needs special individual treatment
  • Can arise at any time in the moment or day without warning

Agoraphobia covers a wide range of fears and real personal health issues. Even if the perceived issue is not real, it is very real to the patient suffering from the disorder. The events or surroundings can trigger the disorder without prior symptoms. It is a debilitating disorder which occurs in situations which bring about panic. By the avoidance of situations that could cause panic is a beginning of a treatment that has to treat the occurrence with a fear of the very fear that is experienced. It is classed as a mental disease 5, (DSM-5).

The Holistic Health Center can treat these indications of fear by, in essence, treating that particular fear with the fear of actually experiencing it. In other words, the very thought of getting into a lift (elevator) for example, needs to be shown to the patient that this fear is going to be present and thereby, knowing that this is about to happen, can actually prevent the feeling of claustrophobia rather than suddenly experiencing it.

Anxiety situations

There are probably 101 or more situations that can bring about fear and each fear has to be treated in its own individual way. No two patients display the same symptoms of have the same fears. Some people do not ‘like’ being in a crowded elevator or room but that does not mean that they are agoraphobic or suffer from the actual symptoms. These are always different. Some of these symptoms can bring on actual discomfort besides fear, for example, one can experience a hot flush, palpitations of the heart (racing pulse); sweating and difficulty in breathing. Most disorders associated with palpitations can be alleviated by breathing into a paper bag for example which reduces their oxygen intake. This is only one symptom however. Attempts to avoid a situation only cause the fear of that situation to increase.    

The Holistic Health Center treatments vary from patient to patient however they know that the therapy needs to reduce the feeling of anxiety. Medically, the administration of a mild sedative or mood stabilizing drug can be suggested by a physician but this does little to overcome the fears unless they are faced head-on. This is not an easy therapy to administer, treating fear with fear. However, if the patient knows that crowding into a bus or some other form of public transport is going to bring on a symptom, be it sweaty palms or breathing difficulties, it often helps to alleviate that feeling as the brain is pre-informed and expects the symptom and therefore denies it. 

Agoraphobia is not all that common and only about 1% of people in the US and Canada experience it. Statistics show that women are more likely to experience it than men.  Children or adolescents (teenagers) are more likely to experience it as there is sometimes a fear of the unknown, something that has not been done before or not experienced. This can bring about a fear. However, teens tend to outgrow this as has been proven. Whatever the fear, agoraphobia should not be brushed off as silly or stupid but treated as a real problem. People actually visit their doctor as they are sure they are ill. However, they are not, they just feel ill due to some experience that they do not like or has occurred. Whatever that feeling it should be attended to and an assessment made.

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