Ontario\’s Dental Clinics for New Teeth in a Day

New-teeth-in-one-day – A dental practice who supply the one-day implant product, commonly referred to as All on 4, cover many areas in Canada. Their practices are within easy reach from most centers by road.

New-teeth-in-one-day is a treatment where, a complete treatment can be accomplished within one appointment. This is especially useful should a denture be giving problems such as:

  • A damaged or broken denture.
  • A new full set of upper or lower teeth
  • Simply wish to replace some or all teeth possible cracked or damaged
  • Teeth that are badly stained and/or chipped.
  • To improve a smile.

New-teeth-in-one-day treatment consists of the removal of old and/or unwanted teeth, maybe some teeth are causing problems such as dental pain and these teeth need to be extracted and replaced. The option of a new set of permanent teeth is available, be it in the upper of lower jaw.

With New-teeth-in-one-day you have all the options available and to improve the insight into the procedures, take look at the basic stages of the operation to be undergone, depending on the number teeth to be replaced

  • Initially a dental surgeon will assess the entire condition of the mouth and offer recommendations as to the best solution. Once this has been assessed a 3D scan of the mouth follows and a plan of the dental surgery compiled.
  • Implants of titanium are first inserted into the gum and jawbone where they will fuse to the bone within two months.
  • Whilst waiting for the new temporary teeth to be made on the same day, a set of new porcelain teeth will be ordered.
  • By the time the new set of porcelain teeth are received, within two months, the implants will have fused to the bone and the new set firmly fixed in place as permanent teeth.

Just to recap, the temporary teeth will be made and fixed in place the same day and there will be no leaving one of the practices without teeth. The new temporary set of teeth are strong enough to eat normally. After two months, the surgeon, who by now will have received the porcelain permanent teeth, will remove the temporary ones and replace with the new permanent teeth.

Some useful tips recommended after the surgery are:

  • Keeping the mouth moist and drink a lot of water, suck ice chips
  • Avoid using mouthwashes containing alcohol.

New-teeth-in-one-day is able to offer this service in various areas listed below:

Vaughan, a city in Ontario and a regional city of York.


Richmond Hill, in the south-central York Region.


Mississauga in Ontario, close to the shores of Lake Ontario


Toronto, capital city of Ontario the largest city in Canada


Markham also in the York greater Toronto area, 30 Kms northeast of Toronto

All On 4 Dental Implants Markham

Guelph in South Western Ontario 100Kms west of Toronto

All On 4 Dental Implants Guelph

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