Beautiful Smile is Important – Whiten it up at home

Teeth-Whitening-at-Home A really white set of teeth is so important as it portrays a super smile. The color of teeth seldom stays bright white as, due to the aging process they become tarnished and more so if one drinks a lot of tea and coffee or especially if tobacco products are used. Most drinks contain some elements that color the teeth gradually over the years. Naturally, teeth are not white but light grey to yellowish and, as stated, will darken with age.

Quad Dental has a remedy for this however as it is possible to do this yourself at home. Yes, Teeth-Whitening-at-Home has become extremely popular over the past few years when the process became available. The first dental paper on whitening the teeth was published in 1989 and since then many suppliers have scrambled to make these kits available for use-at-home. There are also two methods of whitening the teeth, one by using a special toothpaste and the second by using bleach. However, there are two schools of thought

  • A dental surgeon can supply all the necessary trays, fluid, and syringe etc. and advice needed to do this at home and will include bleach. The bleach, made of a peroxide-based chemical that can actually change the colour of the tooth.  This method can be administered through a mouth guard (gum trays), strips, applying heat or by brushing onto the tooth with special toothpaste.


  • Simply purchase the trays and the chemical used to whiten the teeth at many supply stores or chemists.

Quad Dental believes that some sound advice is given by a dental professional prior to the commencement of any process and has the answer for this. Firstly, there is no best method of accomplishing this whitening process as different teeth react differently to different chemicals. Secondly, they can provide the necessary correctly molded trays and chemical which is a professional peroxide bleach to apply to the teeth at home over several weeks. These results do work and are quite amazing. It should be remembered that the bleach that works well on another’s teeth may not work on one’s own teeth.

Quad Dental believes that the information as to the best method should be acquired from the dental surgeon at the next checkup. It should also be remembered that the whitening process does not work on bridges or veneers and crowns. For the best method and for a professional opinion please visit of call to make an appointment.

Note: The latest news on teeth whitening may be discussed at the next workshop of The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) which has an Oral Health Events Calendar and ongoing workshops etc for OTC and dental work. The next workshop being on October 19th 2018

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