Capture the memories of that big day with the professionals at Mango Studios

Every bride and groom wants to capture the special moments of that big day. Choosing a photographer can be an incredible feat, but when Mango Studios is chosen the stress is gone. The photographers at Mango Studios are there to make weddings a day no couple will forget.

Another thought to consider is having a destination wedding. How does one find a photographer who will travel? The answer again is Mango Studios. The teams of Mango Studios will travel. Once again, the stress is gone.


Wedding Destination Trends

More and more couples are choosing to have a destination wedding. This lends itself to not only a special day for the couple but a fun-filled time for the families of the wedding party. Being able to give the guests a memorable time is special. Some types of destinations include:

  • Excursions — this type of destination wedding is filled with hiking, safari exploring, and much more. Places to go for an excursion wedding include the Rockies or South Africa.
  • Outside the Box- Choosing places like Iceland, Ireland, or Thailand are great choices. These are places that can be a once in a lifetime trip. These are destinations which lend themselves to relaxation, beautiful views of the landscape, and great shopping.
  • Traditional — The traditional wedding destinations are still popular today. Places like the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii give a romantic tone to any wedding.

More than the destination, is the trend of couples to use services local to those areas. Using local florists, music, and food as a part of a couple’s big day adds an element of uniqueness.

Destination Wedding Photography

Choosing to have a destination wedding is a wonderful opportunity to capture memories on film. A couple will want to hire a professional photographer that will travel as well as be there to capture all those special moments. Mango Studios is the premier place for traveling wedding photographers. Not only will the bride and groom have a photographer, a team is assigned to the big day or trip. No matter where the wedding will take place, Mango Studios will be there. Destinations that have been visited by the professionals at Mango Studios include:

  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • England
  • Kenya
  • Caribbean
  • Greece
  • Thailand

With all of these stamps on the passport, a couple can rest assured that all aspects of their wedding photography will be taken care of.

Mango Studios was started by Mo and Nancy Govindji. Ranked as the top wedding photographers in Toronto and Miami, the professionals at Mango Studios use a cinematic approach to capturing memories.

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