Canadian Addiction Rehab Re-imagines Addiction Treatment

In a CBS News story produced a story by Yvette Brend and Manjula Dufresne, the grim state of drug rehab availability was brought to light. The story was careful to explain that in British Columbia, drug rehab help was available, “but it’s hard.”  Brend and Dufresne described how wait times for admission to facilities could range from one day to as long as six months.  Many required the prospective client to call in daily to see if a bed was available.  One mother lost her son while “waiting”. They also described how “the quality and range of service is all over the map”, that “most programs are not residential or full time”, and some parents mentioned children who overdosed days or weeks after leaving the isolated environment of the rehab facilities. The data was based on the speaking with individuals at more than 150 rehab locations in British Columbia.

Treat the Client – Not Just the Addiction

While Toronto Canada has dozens of choices for addiction treatment, Canada Addiction Rehab is different. This privately owned rehabilitation centre distinguishes itself by treating clients like family, with the focus on healing the patient – not just the addiction.  Located on Thousand Island Parkway in Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada Addiction Rehab offers an immediate admission opportunity.  Their singular and comprehensive rehabilitation approach, level of personalized care, and their commitment to non-methadone detox continues to set them apart from their peers, making them the premier choice for alcohol, drugs or mental health disorders treatment.

They have created an incomparable secure and nurturing inpatient environment for stays of varying lengths, based on the needs of the individual. The supportive holistic and research-based treatments are customized to encompass a client’s motivation and emotions in addition to behavior, concentrating on providing each person with the long-term goal of whole body, sustainable sobriety including relapse prevention services.

Their professional team is fully invested in improving the lives of their clients as well as the client’s families, by offering weekly aftercare support for life with completion of the program.  Just as people make the effort to take care of their entire family, aftercare support is provided to out-of-town clients as well as those who live locally. They also offer intensive outpatient services, family counseling, and interventions.

Canada Addiction Rehab is a privately owned, non-methadone facility for addiction rehab treatment of alcohol, drugs, and mental health disorders. They are committed to providing the best possible treatment and care to their clients as they guide them toward healing. They pledge to help their customers recover and rebuild their lives and relationships, then offer aftercare support and services to ensure they have the backing and reassurance they need as they work to remodel their futures.

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