Royce Gorsuch rewrites the human brain in Mad Genius

New sci-fi thriller released July 3 on VOD

Royce Gorsuch came up with the idea for the unique new sci-fi movie ‘’Mad Genius’’ – the story of a hacker on a mission to ‘hack the human mind’ in order to save humanity – via reading “a series of articles and books I had been reading around 2012, concerning the real-life efforts of scientists to digitally map the human brain”, the filmmaker explained in a recent online interview.

In the film, which releases July 3 from Film Mode Entertainment, Mason Wells (Chris Mason) is determined to convince this mission of his -but first must reconcile his multiple alter egos. His most threatening alter ego, Finn (Scott Mechlowicz) pushes Mason to do whatever is necessary to accomplish their mission including theft, bribery and intimidation.  

“I had a cadre of films in the back of my mind during the entire process of creating Mad Genius. Most notably of course, Fight Club, The Matrix, and psychological thrillers of all kinds, but the one that might surprise you most is reverence to the fantastic banter and buddy story of Swingers”, explains Gorsuch. “I’ve always had a fixation with the power of technology and it’s implications on the human condition. The main trait separating humankind from the animal kingdom is our ability to create tools. And in a very short time span, since the dawn of the computer, our tools have become exponentially powerful, and soon, self-enhancing, and self-evolving.

As I read the articles, I immediately started thinking, “What if you could rewrite the human brain like computer code, and fix all of the human problems happening around the world…” Then, being a storyteller, I thought… “What if that power was in the hands of a mad man?”

My goal with the film was to make an entertaining commentary on “playing god,” and the moral dilemmas of being a creator of any kind.”

Gorsuch, who worked as a commercial director before making the transition to full-length features with ‘’Mad Genius’’, believes the movie is about the inner conflicts of being a creator.

“The voices in our heads pushing us, confusing us, mixing signals, and the mistaken evils which might come from actually accomplishing the goal. Because remember, no one thinks of their actions as evil. Add in peer pressure and love and sex and it’s a wonder we ever get anything done.

To me, the message is, whenever someone tries to create something they will face all kinds of outer obstacles, but in the end, it is all about overcoming the obstacles within yourself. And the solution to all of these problems is to turn your efforts into selfless acts. Beyond yourself. Otherwise, seriously, why bother?”.

‘’Mad Genius’’ is released July 3 on VOD.

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