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“The RidePower entire product line.”
RidePower is a simple and dependable cell phone charger for ALL power sport vehicles. RidePower is resistant to water, snow, dust & dirt and will not short out your battery or devices. RidePower draws .001mA from your battery if a phone is not connected to the charger. Easy to install the RidePower works with 12-48 volt electrical systems. RidePower is compatible with both Android and iPhone 5 – 7 cell phones. RidePower can be used on motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, scooters, and many more!

June 25, 2018 – Jacksonville, Florida – RidePowerâ announces their continued expansion of their product line of rugged phone charger cables and accessories throughout the United States that can be used on all type of battery operated vehicles. Their expansion now includes their CE certification which allows them to sell in Canada and the UK.

The main objective of this expansion program is to help potential retailers and wholesalers discover the unique specifications of the RidePower.net charger cables and offer them a chance to market the cables to Consumers.

Adrenaline junkies and weekend warriors have several ways of enjoying their free time, including: playing golf, bouncing through waterways or cruising the open road or dirt trails. Culturally, smartphones continue to be the device of choice for how they enjoy music, obtain location and map information, get news and capture memories. This makes the dependability on these devices as important as their recreational time. About 2.5 billion people around the world own a smartphone and use them for everything. However, using the phone for pictures, texting, emailing, social media, GPS and music streaming quickly drains the phones battery. The ability to live an active and thrill-seeking life while staying powered is essential.

In 2012 a retired Marine veteran, named Steve Young was out on his jetski in Jacksonville, Florida. While out cruising he was taking pictures, using his GPS, and listening to music. This quickly drained his cell phone battery. He could have been in a lot of trouble if there had been an emergency.

“I tried using the USB cigarette lighter adapters, but they did not last long, were not durable enough, and even shorted out my jetski and damaged my phone. This was a huge problem that cost me a ton of money in parts and phones trying to find a solution to my problem.” Said Steve Young.

Steve, then decided to solve the problem himself, by developing his own innovative solution, a rugged, outdoor phone charger cable that is now known as ”RidePower.” He developed and has patent pending on his first successful 12-volt micro-USB phone charger cable. “However, it was expensive to make and had a limited market. This was a good solution but not good enough.” Said Steve.

He began selling his new invention to people right out of a plastic bag. They all loved it and so he started to go to marketing events to get more exposure. One he attended was “One Spark” (an annual event held in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, that offers opportunities for private investment in projects). This was where he met a manufacturing company called “GloDea”. They struck up an agreement to help with the manufacturing and marketing of this great invention. They immediately started working on the 12volt through 48volt phone charger cable, for all phones. GloDea helped reduce the manufacturing cost, took his plastic bag packaging and turned it into a well-designed package. They also have helped with the expansion of the product to create brand awareness.

Today they have come a long way, from a solution that was being sold out of a plastic bag to gaining attention from well-known retailers and distributors such as Harley Davidson, Motorcycle Superstore, J&P Cycles, and many more. The list is continually growing every day, and now with their CE certification, they can capture the UK market and Canada.

Steve was approached by the famous Parker Brother Concepts firm, and he was asked if they could install the RidePower Phone Charger Cable on their latest creation the “NeuTron” motorcycle. The Parker Brothers are known across the globe for designing and building the most “outrageous vehicles on the planet.”

One big question is what makes RidePower special? It is a simple and dependable cell phone charger cable for all power sport vehicles. RidePower has charge sensing technology and auto connects to any vehicle with a 12 volt through 48 volt electrical system. RidePower works on vehicles such as: Motorcycles, Jet Skis, PWC, Snowmobiles, Golf-Carts, ATVs, UTVs, Scooters, Small Boats, Tractors, Motorized Wheel Chairs, and much more. It is rugged in design for outdoor use and is resistant to water, snow, dust, and dirt. Unlike most unprotected phone chargers on the market, the cable only draws power when a device is connected and has integrated shorting protection circuitry, that will NOT short out the battery, or the device connected. The RidePower integrated compact circuitry cable connects directly between the SAE battery connector cable and the phone. RidePower draws .001mA from the battery if a phone is not connected to the charger, meaning it will take several months to a year to even drain the vehicals battery. It is compact in design and is easy to install, and is compatible with both Android and iPhones.

RidePower is gaining more attention every day since 2012 when people could not find a charger like this. They currently offer 7 different registered products and have more in development. The company guarantees and backs up its products 100%. They have submerged it in water, ran over it, burned it, and even held it up with a weight to prove its ruggedness. To learn more about the RidePower charger cables visit their site at: https://ridepower.net/products

They have an informative video that will give more details about this unique product line:


They can also be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RidePower/

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