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It’s summer time and well it’s time to pull out your boat, or call up your friends that have one. As the old saying goes, “The best boat is someone else’s”.

Boating is widely known to reduce stress and improve quality of life— it’s a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and the open waters by yourself, with, friends, or family. The United States, although home to 117 million lakes that are fun recreational destinations, there are many places that stand out from the crowd. If you’re having a hard time choosing where to go, we have listed the top best-boating destinations in the United States to help you with your boating trip!

1. Deer Harbour

First on the list is the unincorporated community of Deer Harbour, located on Orcas Island in San Juan County, Washington. This place is low key, relaxing, and has a very little crowd. The scenery will leave you in awe and the atmosphere is perfect for you to unwind and enjoy life — people describe this place as “heaven on earth”. Besides the amazing scenery and relaxing atmosphere, Deer Harbour also offers a bunch of other things. You will be able to enjoy resorts, the Deer Harbour Inn which offers all sorts of native seasonal delicacies, and the Frank Richardson Wildlife Reserve which offers nature and wildlife.

2. Fort Lauderdale

Located on Florida’s south-eastern coast, Fort Lauderdale is well known for its beaches and boating canals. Fort Lauderdale is lined with outdoor restaurants, bars, boutiques, and luxury hotels. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, sightseeing, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and the list just goes on and on!

3. Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake, being dubbed as the “biggest natural lake west of Mississippi”, has a lot to offer to those visiting. When you’re out boating, you are able to boat the whole day in the 75 miles long and 35-mile wide body of water with ten major islands to explore. This lake offers marinas, beaches, historical buildings, visitor centers, and recreational areas— it is also well known for their variety of water sports as well as sailing, boating, rafting, and kayaking. If you want to witness wondrous sights and have the time of your life, boating at the Great Salt Lake is somewhere you want to be!

4. Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey, located in Los Angeles County, California, is an unincorporated seaside community and is census-designated. If you’d like to get away from the busy city of Los Angeles, then you can go boating to Marina del Rey, where a handful of boating adventures is offered. This place offers a range of lessons, cruising, and renting. With its pristine ocean and the radiating sunshine of the California coast, you’ll have the time of your life whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an expert boater.

5. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, has its beaches and ski resorts to brag about. If you’re in the mood to fish, heading over to Matt Heron Fly Fishing School to experience fishing with experienced guides and instructors. This lake also offers a wide range of ski resorts, kayaking and canoeing spots, paddle boarding, parasailing, and paragliding, as well as tours you can take to get a better insight of the Lake.

6. Annapolis

Annapolis can be found in the Mid-Atlantic state of Maryland. With its rich American history and home to the U.S. Naval Academy, this place is somewhere you should go boating at least once in your life. Its historic district includes 18th-century brick houses, the domed 1700s Maryland State House, a historic cemetery, monuments, and so much more. If you’re planning on boating in Annapolis, it is recommended that go to Ego Alley, the marina where all the sailboats, yachts, and other watercraft are docked. With a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor, reviewers have said that they “can’t think of another city they’ve visited where there is an Ego Alley. Still a fantastic place to check out boats of all kinds and great people watching,” as well as “It is always fun to be downtown no matter the season. In the colder months, you can dine at a restaurant downtown and enjoy the view as well as stroll along the harbor’s edge. In the summer, it’s a lot of fun to watch people on big and small boats alike travel up and down “ego alley” to “strut their stuff!” Normally there are a few first mates on deck to wave at you. Have a drink on the outside patio at Pussers (inside the Annapolis Waterfront) for a front row seat of all the action!”

7. Crater Lake

Last on the list is the caldera lake of south-central Oregon, the Crater Lake. People are astonished and are left with admiration when they visit Crater Lake. Famous for its deep blue color and clear waters, the lake partly fills a nearly 2,148-foot -deep caldera that was formed by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. With 5/5 rating on TripAdvisor, people have described this lake as “bucket list worthy” and “one of the most beautiful places on earth!” Visitors marveled over the clear blue water and the picturesque scenery that this lake offers. creates custom 3d maps of the most popular and beautiful bodies of water around the world. For the boater or nautical lover in your life make sure you pick one up.

Mad that your boating spot didnt make it in the list? Well fret not- we have many more articles coming on the subject. Check out the video below to see what some of our maps and accessories look like. 

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