Hutch – A Gripping Military Adventure Kindle Edition Released and Published on Amazon

A great gift to honor our heroes on The Independence Day. This year, 4th of July comes with a great book release, a must read dedicated to all men and women who fought for our great country.

25 Jun, 2018 – Hutch-A Gripping Military Adventure and Thriller Novel Book 1, was released on Amazon. This kindle edition novel book was authored by Adrian Popa. As a talented author, Adrian Popa had amazed and impressed a lot of readers with his stories and particular style for over two decades now. In the last few years, he has proven himself as a prolific one, exclusively culminated by novels such as Crazy World, Code Name Omega, The Federal Matching Socks, Willinglessly, The Old Dominion, The Transcendent, and the Hutch to name a few. Adrian Popa was widely known for his fascinating imaginations as well as optimistic visions regarding eternal problems in life. He shows a humorous way of dealing with characters who have their own war stories and memories.  Authoring this book is his unique way of touching the mind and heart of the readers.  

The Hutch novel is an interesting novel relating the story of a Vietnam Veteran who experienced memory loss, an initial stage of dementia and back flashers of war memories associated with. As readers dig deep and read more, they will notice that the story develops into two levels; the war that John Hutchkinson experienced, and the reality which was also experienced by Kevin as they travel across the country.

This book revolves around a story about Kevin; a busy and hardworking businessman who subconsciously begins making a move away from the family into business and has encountered a serious family problem. His uncle was mentally unstable and suffering from memory loss. He tried to get this burden and responsibility out of his hands but he failed, and he had to make a trip to Boise from Atlanta. Kevin discovered that his uncle has a case that is so difficult to handle and he makes arrangement at a nursing home in Atlanta, where his uncle will be thoroughly evaluated. He came to realize that family is everything that remains when one takes the world away.

This adventure story and fiction trailer is something that individuals should check out for this bring a great deal of thrills and adventure most especially about the concealed stories and experiences during the war. The Hutch war novel is just one of the great works of Adrian Popa, and truly a must read for all adventurers, military lovers, and enthusiasts or simply all bookworms out there. This is now easily accessible online in Kindle edition, particularly on Amazon. Many readers will surely love and be completely engaged with this book as it unveils a lot of life-changing scenarios that man readers can relate to. The book is published on Amazon, and any interested individuals can place their orders online.

There are many good reasons to invest in this book as this contains contents that will truly touch the heart and change one’s perspective on life. As they indulge themselves with this adventure novel, expect that they will become more hooked into this book as they read.

Adrian Popa has certainly made real efforts in making this book one of a kind. From start to finish readers will surely be amazed and impressed. The story in this adventure and at the same time fiction novel was written in a way that will leave a mark in the heart of every reader. This book, although fiction in nature, gives a clear picture on how to deal with individuals who have experienced war, who turned old, and are hunted by the unpleasant memories of war.

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