How can Davinci Project (DAC) buck the trend in the South Korean fad?

By virtue of the negotiability around the world and timeliness of point-to-point value delivery, the development of digital currencies has received unprecedented attention. The digital assets, represented by Bitcoin (BTC), have exerted a subversive influence globally in the recent years. However, as Bitcoin’s value continues to go up and down dramatically, many holders become quite worried of the unstable market. Upon Bitcoin’s recovery, digital currencies may face a massive shakeout. The digital currencies with steady development, mature technology and perfect credit system will win the trust of users and affirmation of the market.

Digital currencies await unification urgently and DAC stands out from the crowd

As there are more and more diverse digital assets, it becomes more difficult to count and manage them. There is no universal cryptocurrency to connect the payment with the liquidation environment, so the payment methods and forms cannot be uniform. The security, privacy and convenience in the payment process cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the participants of both traditional finance and most digital currencies yearn for a one-stop solution and a comprehensive payment and settlement environment to handle the problems above and create a digital economic society truly. 

After the fluctuation of Bitcoin, from the first popularity to the final decline, the surviving digital currencies are now confronted with poor regulation and lack of credit system. With the whole world in view, there very few projects that can be taken as valuable investment objectives and have sound systems to cope with the risks in the capital market. But it is notable that some projects of South Korea, represented by Davinci (DAC), have made breakthroughs.

DAC pioneers a way for commercial intercourse and cultural exchange

As the fourth-generation block chain technology, DAC aims at building a new credit assessment model based on the SNS activity by using big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Compared with the conventional credit assessment, DAC works for a more reliable credit assessment tool to conduct potential businesses in the countries without proper credit assessment systems. Let’s see some data here:

l Allocation of token: 40% – donations, 18%; Davinci Foundation, 22%; teams and counselors, 20%; super partners, 10%

l After two months of locked position of token, 20% will be issued each month for 5 months in total.

DAC is an economic network designed to establish a close non-governmental economic network in the network communications at home and abroad, including not only cultural cooperation but also cooperation among different industries and directions. It will develop into an important hub in the cooperation, connecting people and organizations of each country and region with each other. Just like we can go everywhere by plane and ship, DAC intends to find a way for commercial intercourse and cultural exchange through digital channels. 

DAC can connect block chains via DAC token within its network. We can use the token as a currency of settlement in overseas trade and use it to buy goods and pay premiums, rentals and telephone charges in each payment and trade process. There is no doubt that many data and personal information will be moved and many unnecessary confirmations will be incurred in a simple settlement process, as a result of which many extra costs will be caused and have to be shared by every interested party. So DAC strives to reduce the unnecessary processes and fees and provide better services.

Davinci Foundation and upgrading of “Nchain” are high-profile in the industry

Davinci Foundation provides a basic chain platform for groups, targets activation of people-to-people cultural exchanges and industrial ecosystem, and establishes a consortium of digital assets projects among well-known enterprises. As for services, it minimizes the users’ inconvenience, increases the universality of international trade, and lessens the malicious damages in trade. DAC that provides a technological base can also provide adaptive service support for the diverse market at any time. Moreover, it has also developed the mobile APPs which can get an access to block chain anytime anywhere, to make the users’ life extremely convenient.

DAC has completed the vote, put its token on Hadax of Huobi and topped first in the period. By now, it has started recharge and will start trade at 3:00pm on June 26, 2018 (Singapore time).

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