Detailed Analysis of Shopify Plans by Logic Inbound

Remember, there’s no ‘best’ Shopify plan out there. The only plan that matters is the one that suits your budget and requirements.
Are you planning to sell using Shopify? One of the most popular ecommerce tools available today, Shopify can actually be used without any charges for 14 days. That’s because anyone can avail a free 14-day trial to test out the basic features offered by the platform. You don’t even have to enter your credit card information for this. After the 14-day trial is over, you will be asked to upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

Shopify offers a 14-day trial period to anyone who wants to use the platform to build an online store. Fourteen days is a lot of time to gauge this platform, as it can be used to set up an online store within days, giving users plenty of time to test its features and functionality. Once the 14-day trial is over, users are asked to upgrade to paid subscription plans, of which there are potentially 5 to choose from.

Digital marketing agency Logic Inbound has recently published an article which goes into detail about these Shopify price plans, analyzing the features they offer and what sort of sellers they target. One noteworthy detail about these plans is that Shopify bills its customers in American dollars, no matter the location of the customer.

While Shopify plans are distinguishable according to the features they offer, there are some features that are offered with every plan. Perhaps the most surprising features are unlimited products and bandwidth, something that not every competing platform offers. Abandoned cart recovery, a feature reserved for more expensive Shopify plans in the past, is now available to users of the Basic Shopify plan as well. This feature is highly important, as abandoned carts are one of the major reasons why most ecommerce sites lose sales. In order to recapture the customer’s interest, Shopify can send follow-up emails to customers, possibly with discount coupons so they’re inclined to complete their purchases.

Shopify’s entry-level planned is called Lite, and at $9/mo presents itself as an affordable way into the platform. It allows users to set up stores on social media sites Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and also allows them to sell on existing websites via a special ‘Buy Button’. Perhaps why this plan is so cheap is because it doesn’t include the platform’s store building features. For that, users will have to pay $29/mo for the Basic Shopify plan.

Besides giving access to store building features, Basic Shopify also allows users to setup a blog, which can be useful in content-focused advertising or marketing. There’s also a rudimentary reporting feature, and provides a useful, but basic, overview of the store. Advanced reporting is available from the $79-per-month Shopify plan, which also gives users access to features such as gift cards. Users who want full control over reporting will have to opt for the Advanced Shopify plan, which at $299/mo is significantly more expensive. Advanced Shopify also features real-time shipping rates, which is an essential feature if the seller wants to integrate third-party shipping services.

A commonly asked question is whether Shopify is an affordable ecommerce platform. The answer to that question lies in a seller’s requirements. For selling a small number of items, the Lite plan is ideal as it still provides access to powerful store management features. For sellers on a budget, the Basic Shopify plan is great value, as it provides an easy way to build a powerful online store.

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