[UPDATED]: California Rehab Center, Resurgence California is Helping Struggling Addicts to Recover Through Their Luxury Treatment Programs

Costa Mesa, CA – Jun 26, 2018 – Rehab centers are helping addicts and those with various kinds of psychological problems overcome their addiction and problems respectively. Most rehab centers focus on one model for their programs and push them on their clients and all over California, such rehab centers are popping up. Resurgence California, on the other hand, is helping struggling addicts recover through luxury treatment programs that are structured purposefully to meet each individual’s needs. Such highly targeted or individualized programs have a higher success rate than models that are one sized and used for all kinds of people with addictions.

“Not all people seeking treatment for their addictions are the same,” says company spokesman Steve Fennelly, “Resurgence uses custom plans for each client and the advantages of doing this are free from your addictive behaviors, enjoying your own company with no mind-altering substances in your body, think and feel and behave in ways that are best not just for you but for those you love, you are better with work and relationships and are able to live a proud and exciting life every day.” He concluded.

Unlike any other rehab facility that uses conventional 12-step or another specific number of steps of processes to help their clients, Resurgence California inpatient rehab center uses a client-focused care model that allows the client to be in charge. This means Resurgence gives the client the major responsibility and accountability for being the boss of their own treatment. This allows the treatment to last beyond the planned period of treatment with the resurgence and empowers clients to take control of their lives even after the treatment period ends. Resurgent’s Model produces an addiction recovery process that no other rehab center in the United States can match. They asses every client’s needs and plans with the client the most appropriate treatment to help them. The success of treatment of clients and in the clients’ personal lives are important to Resurgence and the use of a custom plan of treatment allows the client and caregiver achieve that.

As the top rehab center in Orange County, Resurgence treats a wide range of addictions with a high rate of success. Resurgence California treats drug addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction and alcohol addiction as well as trauma. Resurgence also provides dual-diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis is when another condition such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety co-occurs with an addiction. Based in Costa Mesa, California, Resurgence offers 24/7 full continuum care with Medical Detox, Residential Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Sober living services. Resurgence strives to care for residents within Orange County and the Costa Mesa area as well as those flying or driving in from other places to take charge of their lives from addiction.

Resurgence California is located in Orange County at 2729 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. It is located near the Reptile Zoo, the Huntington Beach Pier, and the John Wayne Airport. Getting to the property from the airport is fairly quick. You can contact Resurgence California via telephone on (888) 700-5053 or via their website http://www.resurgencebehavioralhealth.com/. It is appropriate for you to find the right rehab in California if you need the best care.

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