How to Hack Instagram Growth – Tips and Tricks by Trill Media

If you plan on becoming popular, you need to make sure that you are keeping your accounts in good standing with Instagram. According to the team at Trill, “When you use automation on Instagram, you open yourself up to all kinds of issues.” She adds, “The app can detect automation, and when it does it could block your organic reach or even ban your account.”
Building an active Instagram following seems like a part-time job, requiring you to consistently produce valuable and shareable content and employ countless other tactics to engage with your audience. So, I went in search of the best solution to hack my success, tested them all and interviewed the experts at Trill Media for advice. Here’s what I learned…

Forbes, a popular media site, has published an article detailing some of the methods and tips that brands and public figures can use to start growth hacking their Instagram account. The piece starts by highlighting some of the things that should be avoided when embarking on this journey. As well as going into detail about the benefits of growing your audience organically.

Some of the highlights from the post include the idea off avoiding Instagram automation entirely. Instagram automation can have a seriously negative impact on your organic reach and damage your account in the long run.

Instead of using automation, Trill Media believes that everything done on social media to build relationships should be done by a real human – not an automation software or bot. Additionally, it’s always going to be important to network, do your own research, produce consistently valuable content, and share an experience with your social media followers.

With so many tips regarding Instagram growth these days, it’s easy to get caught up in the noise. Overall, the most important thing to remember is to be authentic, be a real person, and user the platform in a friendly way.

Growing an audience on Instagram in undoubtedly one of the most effective things you could be doing with your time in 2018. That’s why taking help from an establish Instagram growth agency can be so beneficial to your success on the platform.

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