New fitness gloves with revolutionary Magnetic Grip technology to hit the market soon.

Powered by advanced Magnetic Grip technology, MAGRIP is a state of the art fitness glove that will enable users to pull, lift or push more weights than ever before and that too without compromising on ultimate comfort.

Mississauga, ON – June 26, 2018 – No more compromising on comfort for grip during a workout. Good news on the way for fitness enthusiasts who are struggling to find the right balance of comfort and grip with exercise gloves. Ontario-based, USH Technologies, is soon to launch a new revolutionary fitness glove this month that assures both powerful grip and smooth comfort during exercise sessions. 

Titled “MAGRIP”, the state of the art fitness glove will be officially launched in the market on June 27, 2018.

The USP of the new glove is its in-built highly advanced Magnetic Grip Technology. The cutting-edge technology derives its power from Neodymium magnets. These magnets are the strongest rare earth magnets in the world and are strategically placed on each side of the new glove to improve the grip.

“The in-built Neodymium magnets on our gloves are attached to a TRAcordTM that works to disperse stress from fingers to wrist and forearm while you are working out. Fingers are weak while wrist and forearm are comparatively more solid body parts. As MAGRIP involves more stable body parts in the workout, you will be able to pull, lift or push more weights than ever before with our gloves on. It will consequently translate to more intense workouts and a healthier and stronger body”, stated Sukhman Sandhu, the CEO and Co-Founder of USH Technologies.

MAGRIP also assures a highly comfortable workout session along with a powerful grip. The new fitness glove is innovatively designed with dual-layer padding that ensures comfort for your hands and eliminates the risk of nasty calluses after a workout. 

“MAGRIP comes with a unique combo of Clarino leather and Neoprene that together form a double-layer padding for unbelievable comfort and insane grip at the same time. We have positioned the padding in key target areas to ensure the best possible support and that too where you need it the most. The good thing is that unlike regular gloves that get bulky, our glove is very light in order to make you feel good throughout the workout and also after it.”

Speaking further, Mr. Sandhu explained three other essential features of MAGRIP:

  • TenDry Ventilation – Designed with extremely breathable and durable mesh, MAGRIP sports TenDry Ventilation technology that will keep the user dry & cool even during the most intense workout sessions.
  • EJect Arcs – The new fitness glove features two loops made from a stretchy durable material and are stitched on top of each glove to enable users with a breezy removal of the glove.
  • Absorb Zone – MAGRIP’s thumb piece is a premium towel-like microfibre which is super absorbent and also its stain resistant. 

“MAGRIP is sure to introduce a new edge to your workout sessions.” 

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