Scam call detection is easier than ever now with PhonePenguin

PhonePenguin is a community driven phone reporting and lookup service that will enable users to quickly identify scam phone numbers if they receive a suspicious call from an unknown number.

Montreal, Québec – June 26, 2018 – No more getting scammed by fake phone calls! A group of visionary entrepreneurs from Montreal has launched a revolutionary community driven phone reporting and lookup service that will help you to quickly identify whether or not a phone number is likely to be a scam. Titled “PhonePenguin”, the new website makes it easier to keep scammers at bay with the power of community.

PhonePenguin was launched in the first quarter of 2018 with the mission to bring more transparency to phone numbers and to help Canadians identify dishonest callers.

So, how does PhonePenguin work? 

Well, the community driven phone reporting & lookup company gathers a vast range of user feedback & reports which are made available to the public in the form of a big central database. This database can be viewed by any PhonePenguin user so that s/he can fast detect problematic or spam phone numbers.

“Fake calls are getting alarmingly rampant these days. Worse, some scammers are even taking to dangerous tactics, much to the horror of the call recipients”, stated Frantz, the author of

He mentioned the recent report on the menacing CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) scammer who had the nerve to show up a woman’s door with handcuffs, and threatened to arrest her if she didn’t hand over money. The lady said that she had been receiving fake phone calls from this scammer for weeks beforehand. 

“Fake phone calls are no joke and they can take dangerous turns at times. It’s also becoming more and more difficult to identify fake phone calls and scammers as they’re always coming up with new tactics and strategies. It’s high time all of us actively take part in reporting and detecting fake phone numbers for the betterment of us and the entire community. And this is where, PhonePenguin will be your ultimate partner.” 

It’s very easy to use identify whether a call is fake or not through PhonePenguin. The website homepage opens up with a search bar on its banner where users can type the suspicious phone number. When they click on the search icon, the website will come up with a large database on the reports and comments of the other users in the community which will enable you to check the facts about the entered number.  

The homepage also offers a list on the most reported numbers of the week. 

PhonePenguin was launched to address the lack of a similar phone reporting service or agency in Canada. 

“Yes, we have the YellowPages, the WhitePages and various local government agencies, but we wanted something that was more community driven and will put the keys in the hands of our users. And it led to the foundation of PhonePenguin. The strength of PhonePenguin lies behind its community, and the willingness of its users to report any fake phone calls they receive. We are counting on the active contribution of our users to make things little safer for all of us.” 

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