Two Canadian Investors Join Forces to energize and empower the “Forgotten Generation”

For some business people, globalization is a complicated issue. Not so for Canadian Investors, Trevor Barr and Kenneth Sadowski, who have made it their passion to work with other global investors to continue providing employment and economic well-being for persons who have unfortunately fallen within the ranks of the “FORGOTTEN GENERATION.”


According to spokesperson and business developer, Nube Torres, “this FORGOTTEN GENERATION is comprised of persons who have had the American culture and education standards deeply rooted in them, but due to various reasons have had to move back to Mexico – their native country, and of which they know nothing about.”

“They are the ones whose parents took them to the U.S. without their consent. The ones who adapted the American culture, the American education system, the American way of life and who speak perfect English,” Torres added emphatically.

These Canadian Investors, Trevor and Kenneth, are by no means strangers to Mexico. In fact, during their numerous business trips to Mexico, they have met some of the brightest minds of this FORGOTTEN GENERATION.

Now, Trevor and Kenneth’s coming together has enabled them to create an opportunity that seeks to energize and empower the FORGOTTEN GENERATION like no other.

California Contact Centers, one of the companies Trevor and Kenneth own and operate, for example, has employed some members of this ‘Forgotten Generation,’ whose skill sets range from world-class client care to advanced tech support.

The result, according to Torres, is that these individuals are earning themselves “a higher salary than ever before in an American corporate environment while in Mexican Territory.”

“We can neither change anyone’s past nor change the law to benefit the Forgotten. However, we can certainly provide a business model where they can continue to experience the best of both worlds by doing what they are accustomed to and enjoy doing, while getting paid higher than the traditional wages in Mexico,” noted Kenneth.

‘The Forgotten Generation,’ known for a specialized set of skills in the business, information and technology field, many of whom are being forced by legal or financial situations, to go back to a country where most are not even welcomed back by their own people.

“This is especially heart-breaking knowing that the country from which you originate, though long removed from, has rejected you,” said Torres.

While the ‘Forgotten Generation’ project is in growth mode, Kenneth and Trevor cannot do it alone. Therefore, they are reaching out to global and American corporations to be part of this life-transforming movement.

“Let’s work together and give the forgotten generation another chance and another option at making their life great again,” commented Trevor.

“Together, let’s make it known that as prosperous business people from different walks of life we have the power to create change in today’s modern business practices. Let us unite in favor of those individuals society has turned its back on or has forgotten, and do whatever it takes to make sure ‘the Forgotten Generation’ are remembered for their talents, skills, and determination to rise above, even when all seems lost,” added Trevor.

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