Improve Body performance with Strive Physiotherapy

Whatever the case may be, post or pre-operation, feel fitter with Strive Physiotherapy and Performance.  Maybe there is skeletal or muscular problem that needs dealing with or simply improving general physical fitness, there is a program for every eventuality designed by Strive Physiotherapy.

Hearing the patient’s needs

Strive’s staff has the ability to interpret the problem areas worrying a patient. It may be specific aches and muscular pains and also the determining as to whether the level of required fitness can actually be achieved that set the goals and tasks to be put in hand. There are various elements that differentiate these tasks. Again, depending upon the level of physical fitness required, the muscles needed to perform these tasks require good blood and nerve flow. Without good nerve stimulation the blood flow is decreased therefore Strive will work on these areas to effect repairs.


Acupuncture is a skill known to those therapists who have studied the body’s nervous system. Strive has the therapists and can provide acupuncture (needle stimulation) treatment where needed. The body runs on electricity through canals called neural pathways, one needs to first make sure all those pathways are open and all the body elements receiving proper blood flow. To operate correctly, muscles require good blood flow and needless to say, joints operate only with muscle power. The nerves need to be flowing correctly in order for the muscles and joints to get good blood flow. The muscles will not operate correctly without a good blood flow no matter how hard they are manipulated or exercised. Up to 80% of the problems with stiff joints and muscles is caused by blood flow.

Curvature of the Spine

A common problem also is the curvature of the spinal column. Some people are born with this and it is not something you normally get through any sporting activities etc. A vehicular accident can cause some curvature however; it is treatable to a certain extent but gives rise to neck and associated problems. Strive is able to alleviate some pain from these areas with correct exercises which must be carried out. Physiotherapists can manipulate the spinal joints or discs but the facet joint wear sometimes prevents this. Regular exercise of a specific nature as advised by Strive’s qualified staff can definitely help.

Lumber Laminectomy

This is quite a common occurrence and the Strive physiotherapists can assist with post-op treatment here. The problem is caused when one of the spinal discs has a bone projection into the neural canal. This runs down the back and branches off at places. A common operation is to drill out the obstruction thus leaving the nerves to flow correctly. However, there are certain post-operational requirements which is where Strive Physiotherapy will be able to assist.

Although the passage of the spinal column has been opened the nerves flow better and more freely. This is not the end of the line though as the nerves that were previously attenuated have to “learn” where to go and therefore certain acupuncture and exercise treatments must be carried out by physiotherapists in order for the laminectomy to be successful. Weekly visit initially should be made to Strive Physiotherapy and Performance in order for the correct treatment to be given. Coupled to this are a host of exercises which need to be performed. Following the procedures will effect a full cure and the joints and muscles controlling them will regain their proper operation.

Summing up, Strive Physiotherapy and Performance is a practice that can assist with these procedures and have the correct staff to perform these tasks. Visit Strive at for further information and making of an appointment for an initial assessment.

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