Rugby has stood-out as one of the most entertaining sports in the world today with the sport attracting people from all corners of the earth its popularity seems to be increasing by the day. A sport once deemed as too rough and rowdy has seen its consequential rise over the years and formed a formidable almost “cult-like” following from the high and mighty to the ordinary guy everyone can’t seem to get enough of it.

The England National rugby union team has been an outstanding lot from the onset and has played a vital role in changing the way people viewed the game; it’s almost as if they re-invented the sport. The commitment and zeal they have shown are admirable, this, among other things, has made them become one of the revered teams in the world today. Bagging all sorts of prizes and winning almost every tournament.

With a deep history which dates back to 1871 when they played the first official match that saw them lose to Scotland in front of a 4000 crowd this however only strengthened their spirits. They were fortunate enough to go head to head once more with Scotland in a grueling match led by the words of the great Thomas Edison “Defeat is a temporary process to success” they went on to win the match by one goal and they have never looked back ever since. A great attest to this is them being one of the first teams to be invited to the inaugural Rugby world cup in1978.

Today the team equipped with deep experience and the never losing spirit mentality has seen them soar to unimaginable heights. Competing in the six annual nations championship that includes powerhouses like France, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy they have recorded 28 victories, 13 grand slam titles and even winning the Triple Crown 25 times, with such feats they have deservedly earned the title the most successful team in the history of the tournament. Today as reported by the International Rugby Board they rank third on the list of the top teams in the world, what’s more, is that they are the only team that has gone to win the Rugby world cup in 2003 among the Northern hemisphere teams and ended up runners-up in 1991 and 2007 respectively.

One can easily spot the team in action as their uniform traditionally comprises of a white shirt with a rose engrained on the chest paired with white shorts and navy-blue socks that complete the overall look.

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The team’s anthem adopted by their fans that once sent shockwaves across the whole stadium that even the rivals went silent. 

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