BlockVest: Could This Be The Next Dash Masternode?

A lot of people like to invest in coins that are purely for payments and transactions, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, however, investing in coins that provide the infrastructure for the expansion and mainstream use of cryptocurrency, could be a great move for crypto enthusiasts.

Blockvest is an intriguing project that aims to transform the way people make passive income by earning interest on crypto holdings.  From the first glance at their whitepaper, Blockvest is basically an index fund made up of the world’s top 30 cryptocurrencies. Instantly holding a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio is now as easy as owning one Blockvest (BLV) token.  That’s the gist of it. The interesting part is the passive income you can earn by HOLDing BlockVest.

If the investor holds the BlockVest coins in the official wallet, called an Nvestnode, they will earn passive income for staking the network. So, just for staking the network, you earn more coins. No matter how many you have, you can earn more.

But, if you’re more serious, BlockVest will have its own version of a MasterNode so whales who put a sizeable stake (1000 coins) into the network, will earn extra interest.

Check out this little tidbit from the whitepaper.

Yes, all you need are 1000 BlockVest coins and a dedicated server ( which you can rent ) to host a masternode. Which is not a big risk, given the scope of the project. I.e. A hedge fund.

So, there is a very real chance for BlockVest to be the next Dash masternode. 

As an aside, Dash masternode holders currently ( during a flat market ) are earning $69AUD per day, $485 per week, $2k per month and $25k per year in passive income. Just for HODLing and staking the network. Now that is smart investing in crypto!

You have to remember, the main reason Dash masternodes took off and became the top earner it is today, was because they were the first cryptocurrency to offer masternodes. So people got behind the idea.

But Dash is a ‘fast payments coin’ and its utility is in whether people spend Dash or not. So there is a big risk on your investment if you are looking for another payments coin to perform like Dash. It probably won’t happen.

There are other good earning masternodes like PivX, but I think the masternodes that will take off in future will the ones that support key infrastructure like BlockVest’s hedge fund network. To me, that’s where the money is and represents a lesser risk than investing in a crypto masternode that is purely for transactions, for example.

But, as always, think what you like.

Aside from the opportunity to take part in a hedge fund, the passive income streams of staking and masternodes, BlockVest has other interesting features.

One of which is that BlockVest plans to release its own version of Tether, a StableCoin called YIELD. This stablecoin has a number of interesting facets to it as it is the linchpin behind BlockVest. And deserves a whole article of its own.

But for now, I wanted to point you in the direction of BlockVest and their passive income opportunities.

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