FCP Audio Offers Continuously Updated Range Of Music for Final Cut Pro X

At FCP Audio, clients know they are getting top quality every time, particularly when it comes to audio plugins and specially-created SoundStacks. But FCP Audio has promised to bring more to its clients in terms of the range of music available, and now, it is proud to offer a regularly updated selection of music for FCPX.

FCP Audio has made it its mission to provide video developers and producers with the right FCPX plugins they need in a whole collection of genres. FCP Audio, after all, is composed of a highly-skilled team of writers, musicians, and producers who regularly make it a point to add to its roster of music which is suitable for all kinds of videos.

As FCP Audio itself confirms, “(We) are now one of the best production music libraries around today. The new solution for high quality, affordable and customisable Final Cut Pro X Audio.” The company started with the vision of various professionals in the industry who wanted to offer a better, much easier way to access music online. FCP Audio adds, “The team have worked tirelessly to find new ways of producing SoundStacks across every genre. We have achieved our goals and now have a diverse range of music available that can be used for all your media projects.”

Since the music selection is constantly updated by the FCP Audio team, clients can easily find what they are looking for, no matter what genre it is. The music offered by FCP Audio for FCPX is diverse and distinct indeed. One example is the Advert Music range, which offers almost everything from ragtime piano to orchestral, inspirational, uplifting, and more. FCP Audio also offers Background Music SoundStacks, comprised of piano music, eighties music, meditation audio, and soundtracks. The FCP Audio Definitive Series, on the other hand, is made up of background music as well as electronic music, inspirational music, and more.

But there are some unique and powerful SoundStacks as well. One of these is High Voltage, which offers rock and indie music. FCP Audio describes it in more detail: “A guitar-driven rock/indie-influenced SoundStack, with live drums and lashings of dirt.” Another special SoundStack is Melodious Gold, with its soul-influenced music. “Relive the sultry sound of the seventies. Subdue your senses with this aromatic, liquid soul driven SoundStack,” suggest FCP Audio.

In addition to the huge selection of SoundStacks, FCP Audio confirms that all the mood- or genre-specific SoundStacks can be directly installed into Final Cut Pro X, where they can then be edited as well as arranged in order to match any video’s visuals in as seamless and perfect a manner as possible. All the SoundStacks come with affordable pricing as well, as each SoundStack is offered for a mere £29.99 – and the music can be used as long as clients would like to use it.

About the company:

FCP Audio has made a name for itself as a premier source of SoundStacks and plugins for Final Cut Pro X.  For those who are interested in learning more about FCP Audio’s services and products when it comes to Final Cut Pro Audio, visit the company website.  

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