Claremont Motor Engineers Provide Dealer-Quality Car Maintenance without the Cost

Welling, UK – Cars can be a great joy to own but when they start to slow down and not perform at peak levels, then they can be quite a pain to take care of. Many dealerships claim that in order to keep one’s warranty intact and get the best service car owners must utilize their garage services.

However, this is not the case, as government legislation called Block Exemption now allows independent garages to service cars and to keep the car’s warranty intact. Claremont Motor Engineers has taken great advantage of this law and strives to provide the highest quality car servicing possible without breaking the bank.

Claremont Motor Engineers offers a plethora of services to meet every need one’s car may have. They can handle issues with cars of all shapes, sizes, makes, models, and ages.Their services range from routine air conditioning and brake checks to serious crash repair. Claremont Motor Engineers will even take care of the car’s yearly required MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. More extensive information about their services can be found on their website:

They consider themselves a “local service for local people” providing all these extraordinary services through their garages in Dartford. They have garnered quite a reputation as one of the most experienced and helpful garages in Kent as well. Customers continue to rave about the expert service they received on their car and wonderful customer service they experienced themselves.

Dealerships generally do a good job of taking care of people’s cars when they experience troubles. However, these dealerships tend to severely overprice their work and sometimes will recommend services that are not entirely necessary. Many independent garages like Claremont Motor Engineers are working to provide many of the same services that dealers provide but at a fraction of the price so that their customers can still receive quality work without draining their wallets.

Cars are great for getting people from point A to point B, but they can only do that effectively if they are kept in the best shape possible. That is why it is imperative for car owners to routinely service their cars so that they can last longer and perform better.

Claremont Motor Engineers understands the importance of making sure that a car is always in the best condition that is why they operate some of the most trusted garages in Kent. Car owners in Kent should consider employing the services of a tried and true garage like that of Claremont Motor Engineers.

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