Claremont Motor Engineers Now Offering MOT Testing Services in Two Locations

Kent, UK – Having a functioning car is one of the most important things. Without the ability to get quickly and efficiently from one place to the other, the ability to maintain one’s schedule can quickly fall apart.  That is why it is important to have an automotive repair shop on hand such as Claremont Motor Engineers. Known for high-quality full vehicle servicing, theyare now offering Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing services in two locations.

One problem that people often have when it comes to needing to get their car serviced is that the automotive repair shop is inconvenient to get to. Claremont Motor Engineers tries their best to rectify this issue. That is why they have two easily accessible locations for Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing. They have services for MOT Dartford ( and MOT Welling ( way, wherever a customer may be when their car needs to be serviced, high quality automotive repair is not too far away. The staff in both these locations are comprised of certified and trained mechanics who have a wide breadth of experience. Their experience extends to all different kinds of makes, models, and ages of vehicles. Claremont Motor Engineers try their hardest to ensure that no one needs to go very far for high quality automotive repair.

Claremont Motor Engineers, both at MOT Dartford and MOT Welling, offer a wide variety of car repair services. This includes, but is not limited to, air conditioning repair, breaks repair, tyres, and crash repair. They also try to make their services as affordable as possible for their customers. A customer is able to book a MOT test online for just under 30 pounds. They also make their services as accessible as possible by making use of online appointment booking. By offering this method of scheduling, Claremont Motor Engineers ensure a customer does not have to spend lengthy amounts of time on the phone, waiting to talk to a real person.

With the availability of MOT testing centres, as well as a wide variety of services rendered by highly trained automotive technicians, Claremont Motor Engineers ensures that drivers can be guaranteed of a dependable vehicle no matter where and when they need help.

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