Trellis in the Garden Now Offering Bespoke Fencing and Trellis Solutions

White City, London – When it comes to garden adornments like trellis work timber decking, or fencing, Shepherds Bush, it can be difficult to find a company that is able to properly manufacture and install a wide variety of quality products at a price that is cost-effective. Often times, customers are forced to sacrifice price for quality, or convenience for variety. Shepherds Bush fencing company Trellis in the Garden uses years of industry experience to target the best new innovations and bespoke solutions in fencing manufacturing and installation while offering quality products and services at a low price.

The knowledgeable staff at Trellis in the Garden is committed to ensuring client satisfaction at each and every step of the process of fencing in Shepherds Bush. From the highly trained designers and manufacturers to the friendly and efficient installation crew, each and every staff member prioritises efficiency, quality, and client satisfaction in their service. They take steps to ensure that each fence or deck is the right choice for the residence or garden, which is what makes them one of the leading companies for fencing that Shepherds Bush has to offer.

Long-term durability is a major concern when it comes to products that need to be installed. Over time, products that are less expensive may be poorly manufactured and therefore require repairs or replacement shortly after installation. Trellis in the Garden has as their mission to offer high-quality products intended for long-term durability at a low initial cost.

The products that Trellis in the Garden offers are made from materials that don’t easily damage or break and are able to withstand years of wear and tear without need for repair or replacement. They are also manufactured using the latest innovations in design and construction, so that the fencing can protect any garden or lawn while also blending aesthetically with the property with a pristine appearance despite years of exposure to the elements.

The wide variety of products include garden trellis, pergolas and paving with manufactured slabs or natural stone, decking, garden gates and fencing, which can be created using a large number of techniques for differing appearances and functionalities. A comprehensive list of all services and products can be conveniently found on the company’s website at

The staff at Trellis in the Garden understands that no one fence is the correct option for every garden or property, which is why variety is a major priority when it comes to products and services. Their bespoke solutions ensure that home and property owners throughout Shepherds Bush are able to find the right fencing and trellis solutions for their needs and preferences.

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