Chinese Football Fans Drive Tens of Thousands of Miles Just for Supporting Lionel Messi

The quadrennial World Cup championship once again ignited the enthusiasm of the football fans all over the world. Since it started, there have been millions of football fans arriving in Russia, cheering for their Dream Teams from the bottom of their hearts. Recently, we met a few football fans supporting for Argentina who come from China in Saint Petersburg, and they brought a special gift to the Russian, and cheered for their idol Lionel Messi and Argentina football team.

We’ve known after this interview, they are crazy fans of Lionel Messi and Argentina, who have been cared for the performance of the Argentina team in World Cup qualifying champions through the Internet and TV as before. After Argentina’s dramatic reversal, they made a frantic decision that they drove tens of thousands of kilometers from Chongqing China to Russia for watching this live champion. They also created an oversized T-shirt of Messi 10, which has been signed by tens of thousands of supporters of Messi and Argentina in these cities along the way. Along the travel to Russia, they sent this special gift to Argentina team players, and  said in an interview that this special present, the oversized T-shirt is made  for Lionel messi and all Argentine players, and means that even though they are thousands miles apart from their idol, Chinese fans will always be with you.

When it comes to the most difficult thing along this travel, they said they actually encountered many difficulties in this journey, including supply shortage, bad weather, communication interruption of the crisis, and family concerns and opposition. But they still stuck with each other and their love and passion to football, and eventually arrived in St. Petersburg, Russia, where they caught the last bus of Argentina’s group game and arrived at the St. Petersburg Stadium.

One of the fans told us that it too exciting to meet fans from all over the world together. So the difficulties we met before are nothing of the way for us. It was probably only a pity in this trip that they had not brought enough more Chinese special foods and shared with fans.

We love football regardless of national boundaries, ethnicity and race. We sincerely wish the Chinese fans could enjoy game and back home safely, also hope sincerely that we can see the Chinese team in the World Cup in the future.

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