With Over 35 Million Overseas Users, Tippin Live Has Became The Giant Of Livestreaming In Southeast Asia

With the increasingly tightening of domestic policy and the stability of profit model in livestreaming, Tippin Live was founded by Carl, co-invested by Douyu, We Capital of Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd, Inno Valley, Plum Ventures, in December 2016.

With over 35 million overseas users, Tippin Live has became the Giant of Livestreaming in Southeast Asia

Tippin Live | About Us

In March 2017, Tippin Live was in a stage of a small scope testing and put into operation in Thailand with fewer resources.

In April 2017, Tippin Live was officially released in Google play and APP store.

Up to April 2018,  Tippin Live has 35 millions of users across the world, with over one hundred million of revenues.

At present, Tippin Live has 1 million daily active users with over 100 thousand singed anchors broadcasting live on it.

Tippin Live has product agent teams with an advantage of local resources in  North Africa, West Asia, and Southeast Asia. Besides, it has been one of top twenty social applications in downloading with the best ranking of top three, in twenty-two counties, like Vietnam, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and so on.


Instant Message with social networking, allowing the audience to interact with the anchor in real time;

Diversified broadcasting patterns like Special Room & Voice Room & Game Room, making it possible to meet anchor’s various needs;

Multiple payment methods and VIP member service, meeting demands of users from various countries and regions.

Tippin Live || Future Orientation

Tippin Live | Future Orientation

Currently, Tippin Live’s users overseas are still increasing, so there are many things in this market we can do for a better tomorrow. With excellent local product agents, more and more high-quality content and top anchors will be offered. Endowed with various resources, and advantages and experience as a forerunner in this area, Tippin Live will continue to introduce an sign top anchors and teams on a complementarity and mutual benefit basis, and attract more fans and agents. Tippin Live will be operated and managed in a proper manner and carry out localization operation as a part of an effort to become a global platform in livestreaming.

At the same time, priority will be given to technical innovations. Through strengthening their own technical advantages at an early stage, Tippin Live will integrate technology and user’s demands in an organic way and accurately expose valuable and interesting content to the users.

In addition, Tippin Live will continue to embrace users, content, and market. Although the form of entertainment may vary, core value will never change that’s content in the area of the social network. Tippin Live is making every effort to build a diversified social networking and is only going to get bigger as time goes on, so expect to see more and more high quality, new and interesting content along the way.

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