BlackShark Mobile CMEL Tournament Edition, Coming Soon!

Blackcore BlackShark Mobile CMEL Tournament Edition (Blockchain High-end Version)


Unlike the previous version of BlackShark mobile, the BlackShark Mobile CMEL Tournament Edition is the first gaming hardware to access the BGC game ecological chain (hereafter referred to as BGC) hardware open platform, and is designated as the only E-Sports-use mobile in specified events by Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Every mobile phone that has obtained the BGC Authentication is a hardware node that maintains the stable operation of the BGC Blockchain. Using the BlackShrak mobile of CMEL version, you can receive a large amount of “Golden Beans”!

Reward Rules:According to the reward system of BGC Blockchain, every normal player could receive a “golden bean” by playing the game for on hour. (Equivalent to a $1 game item; the daily limit is 3 golden beans); according to the hardware POT consensus reward system, the BGC Authentication mobile buyer/player could receive extra bonus based on the dynamic status of online service number:  If an average of 100,000 BGC-authenticated mobile phones are online, 64 “Golden Beans” can be received everyday by using mobile games for 3 hours, Which means that if you use the phone for 50 days, you will get a value return which is equivalent to 1 mobile phone!

A New Generation of Gam-eco Mobile Invites You to Share Extraordinary Experiences!


The exclusive distributed password protection system, the users of this phone are the guardian of each other.

Sports car shape, R-angle design and SHARK-style light which shows different effects on start, call, notification, and game scenarios.


Front and rear camera both support 20 million pixels, large aperture, professional portrait mode; intelligent scene recognition, dark light quality enhancement; camera soft light, making the selfie clearer.

Xiaolong 845 Qualcomm annual flagship processor plus 8GB memory allows you to fly in the game world!

The independent image processing chip of Pixelworks supports intelligent motion compensation technology, image enhancement and dark-scene details processing, making the quality of video game more smooth. No jitter, no smear.


The exclusively designed Mic for the third generation of game is hidden in the handset, which makes the quality of voice calls with your team more clearly. Amazing Biso sound effect, dual Smart PA design, HiFi level music presentation and the voice chat without interference give you a better gaming experience!

X-shaped smart antenna gives you the best signal, helps you avoid all the errors.


Wifi is not That Necessary

A give-away of 12GB of traffic per month and a good network hardware. Any time, full Netcom. Top players exclusive! Play anywhere, anytime!

Welcome to a New World of BlackShark

CMEL version of the Blackshark phone has a higher specification hardware and a very strong Performance of nearly 270,000 points, which has exceeded 99% of the market’s mobile phone, became the mobile phone that has the highest running points.

Of course, running points is just a reference data, the actual experience can tell you the truth. As a professional gaming phone, the BlackShark game phone has a special game button on the left side of the phone – the “Shark Mode” button, allowing you to easily access the “Shark Space” game system with a lightly press.

A brand new experience that the Blcakshark gives you would shocks you. Downloaded games can be automatically presented in this card-like manner. Select the game you want to play by sliding left and right. It suddenly became a handheld player.


In order to give the user a more immersive experience, Shark Space game system will not only automatically clean the background, provide the maximum CPU and memory resources for the game to achieve the best gaming experience; at the same time, you can also call out more game settings function by sliding Home button, Including handle button settings, shielding incoming call information notification, eye protection mode, anti-mistaken touch, hang screen hanging, etc., and even providing a “dive mode” which means only to retain mobile data services, eliminate call disconnection phenomenon to have a better game experience!

Powerful Shooting Function

As Xiaomi being the “man” behind the blackshark gaming phone, it has a full range of comprehensive strength and the is equally good at taking photos. The blackshark gaming phone has a front camera that supports 20 million pixels, and a 12+20 million pixels camera on the rear. Here is a image taken by the blackshark gaming phone.

The blackshark gaming phone has an accurate exposure and accurate white balance control. This is attributed to its high-pixel camera, the photo resolution is enough to retain a lot of details, the photo has very high degree of reduction. Using the portrait mode to capture objects in a more complex lighting environment, the black shark gaming mobile phone can still distinguish the background and the subject with the naturally blurring of the background and the high purity of the picture and a high reduction degree of the color.

In April of this year, Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Jingdong”) and Nanchang BlackShark Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “BlackShark”) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Jingdong Beijing headquarters and reached a consensus of three years of exclusive cooperation. This move caused many netizens to pay attention.


The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism will also hold a CMEL tournament event in Beijing in late June to kick off the conference. The honorable guests at the conference include: Mr. Yang Yong, Chairman of Datang Networks (Central Enterprise); Sun Hongbin, Chairman of Sunac China. Mr. Huang Yu, the famous game master, and Mr. Wu Shimin, CEO of BlackShark Mobile, have joined hands to launch the CMEL E-smart blackshark mobile phone. More top technology teams from NetEase, Alibaba, Kugou, Renren Blockchain and other industry applications to escort BlackShark!


A tournament game queen – Miss X, has shared a profound value about the exclusive property of video gaming performance: “The Blackshark gaming phone has given me the best gaming experience ever. In terms of gaming, it has actually take many practical factors that the player need under consideration, such as low temperature when playing,  the great quality of the video, and the freedom from interference etc.

CMEL E-smart Blackshark Mobile, Born for Gaming!

CMEL E-smart Blackshark mobile, based on black rice technology, realizing the application of blockchain technology, really innovative. This will change the way people play, allowing people to make money from playing games. This is a subversion of the rules of the existing game world! At the same time, it will surely be an unprecedented wealth feast!

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