New Indiegogo campaign introduces revolutionary vaginal spray that takes best care of feminine hygiene

THYMOS FEMINA is a futuristic vaginal spray which assures a safer and more efficient intimate care compared to existing vaginal care products with its unique features including ZeroTouch and Activated Zinc composition.

London, United Kingdom – June 27, 2018 – The time had finally come to bid adieu to 100-year-old vaginal products that hardly care about feminine hygiene. A promising London-based pharmaceutical startup, Thymos, has launched a new revolutionary vaginal wash which assures the safest intimate care for feminine hygiene. Rightly titled “Femina”, the spray is eco-friendly, free of harmful chemicals usually found in dated vaginal washes and delivers up to 24-hours of lasting performance.

The Indiegogo campaign is geared to raise around $3,000 within the second quarter of the coming month. Interestingly, the campaign has already raised 150% of the funding goal by now. 

“The existing vagina-hygiene products have no major breakthrough since it was introduced over 100 YEARS AGO! Plus, most of the vagina-hygiene products contain chemicals of concern and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that with THYMOS FEMINA,” stated James CS. Tan, the co-founder and CEO of Thymos.

“The All-New THYMOS FEMINA address the problem all women have, in an ALL NEW METHOD! We have worked with seasoned gynecologists in developing Femina and we assure complete safety.”

Unlike the existing vaginal care products that come in direct contact with vagina, the all-new Femina follows a unique “ZeroTouch” approach to protect the sensitive intimate area. With Femina, users will just need to disperse the spray on their undergarments before wearing them and they will be sorted for a good 24 hours – it’s that simple. No longer will you need to apply anything directly on the delicate part of your body. 

Part of the uniqueness of Femina also lays in its non-toxic and safe composition. Unlike regular vaginal washes that are laden with harmful toxic chemicals, Femina is made of uniquely formulated natural Activated Zinc. The product is free from alcohol, fragrance and soaps.

Another exclusive feature that keeps Femina ahead of the curve is its Far-Infrared Therapy. The therapy works to boost up the blood circulation of the vaginal area as well as stimulate antioxidants to revitalize intimate radiance and youthfulness. 93% of pre-launch customers has confirmed it. 

Thymos Femina stands out with its great line up of unique features: 

24-hours odor control – Regular vaginal care products can reduce bacteria for just a temporary period. But Femina is powered to generate bacteriostatic electrons which can effectively banish foul odour for 24 hours. 

Fights irritations and infections & minimizes discharge – Femina is clinically proven to kill 99.99% yeast infection, UTI & BV causing pathogens. The spray provides instant relief from irritations.

Breathable Fresh – Femina helps with sweat decomposition and moisture wick-whacking to keep you fresher and more comfortable. 

Highly sustainable – While other vaginal care products hardly care about environment, with 7400% lesser chemical usage, Femina assures an eco-friendly ambiance and a sustainable planet.

“We have come up with a futuristic vaginal spray here that will redefine your intimate care with a safer, more effective and revitalized experience. We have received huge response from our pre-launch customers and now we are looking for a mass production. Thus, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to make things safer for feminine hygiene.” 

Backers will be rewarded with Femina sprays at highly discounted rates.

To show your support for the campaign, please go to Indiegogo

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