Annette Wilson’s First Children Book, “Poksy’s Party”

Bridgeport, CT – June 27, 2018 – Chef and writer Annette Wilson writes about one of the best things a kid would want to have, a party every day. A party usually happens when there is a special occasion to celebrate, but for a child, like Poksy, parties should never be held just because of an occasion.

The book talks about a child’s simple joys, to be carefree and be with friends. The book’s main character, Poksy, is one of the many children Wilson has associated herself with.

The story revolves around Poksy who is excited to have a party with his friends. When he asked his mom to have a party, his mother agreed and said he would be having a party for his upcoming birthday. The innocent boy Poksy was so thrilled to the point where he asked his mother to come and see the calendar to count the remaining days before his birthday.

When Poksy learned that his birthday is not too soon, Poksy asked his mother, “Why do I have to wait so long to have another birthday party, Mom?” and his mom replied “Birthdays only come once a year, Poksy. They’re a celebration of the same date of the same month, but a different year; that’s why the day isn’t always the same”.

Poksy was saddened by the thought of waiting too long for his next birthday party. Thus, his mother decided to throw him one even if it isn’t his birthday yet.

This story will tickle the readers’ inner child self, who’s been locked up inside, who’d simply want to enjoy the simplest of things that life can offer. Poksy is simply relatable to all.

As Poksy was helping his mother clean up a few things, he saw a box full of gifts he received during his birthday parties. When asked about what was memorable for every birthday, Poksy replied with all happiness, “when uncle Jeff picked me up and spin me around and my popcorn spilled and formed a circle around us”.

Poksy’s Party by Annette Wilson is a good story to tell to all children that happiness is an innate decision affected by our own and not of anything or anybody else.

An excerpt from the “Poksy’s Party”:

“That was the best part of having a party, even if it was not my real birthday. That was fun, Mom!” Poksy said.

“I remember how happy you looked that moment, Poksky,” Mom replied.

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About the author:

Annette Wilson is Macrobiotic/Natural food chef and received training from Natural Gourmet in New York and Kushi Institute of Massachusettes. She is a mother of children and a loving grandmother of two granddaughters.

Being able to be surrounded by children, she reached out and took time in teaching them how to cook. One of those children is Poksy, and Wilson decided to write about him. With Wilson’s interaction with the kids, she was able to learn that all children want to be loved, understood, and treated with respect, kindness, and patience.

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