PFO Heating & Air Conditioning Announces Changes To HVAC Service Agreements

Due to upcoming US regulations that are phasing out the manufacturing and procurement of R-22 refrigerant in the United States by the year 2020, PFO Heating & Air Conditioning has announced a modification to their HVAC service agreement plans. This modification expands their service level agreements to include the inspection of air conditioning equipment for R-22 coolant. PFO’s HVAC service technicians will now inspect AC systems for the existence of R-22 refrigerant.

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning has announced changes to their air conditioning maintenance agreements. The company provides central air conditioning tune-ups and preventative maintenance agreements for their customers located throughout Mercer County, New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania as well as surrounding areas. In fact, when consumers search for air conditioning companies in Hamilton Township, NJ, PFO Heating & Air Conditioning stands out with very competitive offers on air conditioning services, equipment, and much more.

PFO has added a full evaluation and report on customer’s R-22 refrigerant levels in the air conditioning system. According to the EPA’s website, the US Government is mandating a phaseout of ozone-depleting substances. By the year 2020, ODS will not be allowed to be produced legally in the US nor imported into the country. This means that central air conditioning systems utilizing refrigerant that is considered to be ODS, such as R-22, are at risk. AC systems utilizing R-22 and requiring a new charge of refrigerant will not be able to be recharged in the very near future.

PFO’s AC refrigerant evaluation in their service agreements provides the customer with a notification if their air conditioning system is at risk because it still uses R-22 coolant. When asked about this change to PFO’s AC maintenance agreements, Chuck Gainey, General Manager of PFO Heating & Air Conditioning replied, “Customers deserve to know, with as much advance lead-time as possible, if their air conditioning system is in jeopardy of not sustaining enough refrigerant charge to last throughout the summer.” He went on to further explain, “If a customer’s AC system is still using R-22 and their coolant levels need to be recharged, they face the very real possibility of not being to get it recharged. In these situations, they are faced with a total AC system replacement.”

PFO offers discounts to existing customers when they require a complete HVAC system upgrade or replacement. Here is a sampling of the HVAC rebates and offers PFO has offered in the past. When PFO performs an HVAC upgrade, they remove the HVAC system, connect the new system to the existing ductwork and if needed, they modify or add new ducts to accommodate the replacement HVAC unit.

PFO is also an authorized Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system dealer and installer. Ductless heating and cooling units are systems that can be installed in homes where HVAC ductwork is not feasible or as supplemental units to a customer’s existing HVAC system. “The team at PFO designs and installs heating and cooling equipment with our customer’s budget and home comfort in mind. Our team is great at providing solutions for all types of homes. I encourage customers to check out our website or our social media accounts.”, commented Mr. Gainey.

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