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At the end of the day when that tired feeling sets in, stiff and aching muscles, not feeling in command of everything, take action. This does not have to be the situation. The time to make an appointment to visit Physiotherapy St Albert, is now!

Whatever the reason may be, stress, not fit enough maybe post-operational, the best idea is to get some real treatment and feel fitter with physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy St Albert can deal with most problems that need to be implemented resulting in improved general physical fitness and generally restoring bodily health. The following treatments to list some common ones, are available for just about any pain are as follows:

  • Therapeutic Exercises designed for your body
  • Acupuncture for nerve pain relief
  • Orthotics for shoes for correct walking and other corrective devices
  • All equipment is available, ultrasound, laser electro-muscular stimulators
  • Pain management and education
  • Exercises for lumbar and other problems, i.e. curvature of the spine and laminectomy treatment, post-op.

Our aim is to keep your body healthy, free of pain and education for positive health with simple daily exercise regimes. We have been treating patients in the St Albert and greater Edmonton area for over 23 years and our patient count is over the twelve thousand-mark.

We take a holistic approach to treating pain by listening to your problems and finding a common solution. The most common causes of muscular pain providing there is no damage found, is blood flow. This stems from the lumbar region as, if the nerve flow is interrupted in some manner, the muscles can be weak and joints stiff. We can help alleviate these problems with acupuncture, if this treatment is not sufficient the x-rays from a physician need to be examined in detail.


Today, office procedures often dictate that we sit at computers on a daily basis and there are specific exercises to prevent neck and back pain associated with this problem. Neck, shoulder and associated pain relief is optimized by our dedicated physiotherapists. These painful occurrences have jumped in by 67 percent as so much today is controlled by computer operators.

Whiplash pain is 100% treatable and also, we are happy to assess whiplash occurrence for any insurance purposes. Vehicular accidents which account for about 90% of whiplash can be very painful if not treated. The pain can be all but alleviated by treatment physio experts.

Vertigo can, to a certain extent, be controlled by exercise. Possibly, the blood flow to the brain at certain times is the culprit. Headaches and ear problems are certain vertigo elements. Meunier’s disease, an unbalance in the inner ear can cause dizziness and vertigo. Patients who experience vertigo which is generally a state of confusion, our surroundings spinning out of control even though we are really standing still! Exercises, carefully outlined by our physiotherapists can help. 

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