SmartContractChain Revolutionizes Crypto-Investment and Crowdfunding

Up until recently, startups seeking funding had to deal with teams of venture capitalists that would subject each prospective business to rigorous and restrictive screening processes. The onset of crowdfunding in the digital age has enabled entrepreneurs to reach out to the public for crowdfunding, with little more than an inspiring concept. This revolution has allowed for a massive spike in entrepreneurial activity that has created many of the world’s top companies and has benefitted the global economy. However, in the blockchain age, traditional crowdfunding would seem as restrictive and difficult as the acquisition of venture capitalist funding. Without the integration of blockchain technology, crowdfunding can never be the free-flowing, globally inclusive, and affordable means of funding that it should be. Blockchain crowdfunding can eliminate the need for intermediaries while opening doors to a wider range of startups.

Through the use of smart contracts on the blockchain, companies could increase security and ensure the proper distribution of interests in an immutable and auditable manner, instantly and from anywhere in the world. This is the SmartContractChain’s vision.

What is SmartContractChain?

SmartContractChain is the first global fundraising platform of its kind. Instead of restrictive centralized systems that limit entrepreneurs and investors based on their geographical location, SmartContractChain allows companies and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to the general public and allow the masses to easily fund such crowdfunding campaigns across borders through the use of an Ethereum/0xproject based platform. This way, anyone with an internet connection can make their business a reality, or become an investor in an exciting new venture.

The project is run by a team of blockchain experts and professional investors based in Canton Zug, Switzerland. The complete transparency of SCC is what makes it a truly revolutionary and bankable platform. It lists extensive information about its team, with links to each of their personal LinkedIn pages, provides clear and achievable goals in its roadmap, and has extensive community engagement across social media.SCC’s extremely precise and extensive whitepaper empowers potential investors with details of every aspect of the project, so as to enable them to make an informed choice about their investments.

Benefits for Startups

SmartContractChain provides campaign creators with advantages not found on other platforms. The seamless borderless nature of Blockchain allows creators the liberty to actually select their targeted countries or economies freely, to reach their target demographics and optimize expenditures on taxes and fees. SmartContractChain offers an intuitive system for campaign creation that requires no special technical knowledge. Users can even create their own cryptocurrency for their ICO/ILP or startup directly from the platform, without the hassles of employing a technical team and instead focus all their efforts on improving the product.

Benefits for Investors

Crowdfunding offers amazing opportunities for backers and investors, though itis not without its downsides. Investing in regulation-free token sales poses significant risks, as there is little that investors can do in the event of a misuse or mismanagement of funds. SmartContractChain aims to revolutionize the entire crowdfunding system through the use of special methods to guarantee the security of investors’ money.

The use of transparent, unalterable smart contracts on the Ethereum /0xproject blockchain, would make every single transaction traceable and verifiable so that you are absolutely assured about your investments. The integration of smart contract technology in the SCC platform will ensure that investors never fall victim to the failures or deceptions of startups. Investor interests will be protected by ensuring absolute accountability of the startups listed on the platform.

SCC/SLP coin and ICO

The SCC/SLP cryptocurrency will be an essential part of the platform. Investors will receive the highly secure SCC/SLP token upon completion of a user-created ICO. These tokens will be available through the company’s own ICO/ILP, before being available through crowdfunding investments.

The SmartContractChain ICO/ILP campaign will launch in autumn 2018, with funds raised almost entirely going into further development of the platform and its marketing campaigns.

The total token supply is 60,158,729 SCC/SLP. 75% of all tokens will be reserved for the main tokensale funding development, sales and marketing activities, 10% for founding team, of which 75% will be vested for 1 year to protect the investments of backers, 8% for early angel token owners and advisors, of which 75% will be vested for 3 years, 2% for bounty campaigns, and finally 5% for future contributors.


SmartContractChain is ushering in a revolution in the cryptocurrency industry. Through the SCC platform, investors can be assured that their investments would be handled securely and professionally, eliminating many of the problems experienced when participating in crowdfunding campaigns and traditional ICOs.

The SCC platform would allow for free global access to crowdfunding creation as well as investment across borders. The system reduces fees and taxes through its revolutionary initial loan procurement (ILP) solution. Investments on the platform can be made instantly and securely with total transparency through Ethereum-based smart contracts.

SmartContractChain is sure to shake up the global cryptocurrency market by allowing greater security and transparency to investors globally, increasing profits for everyone involved in the crowdfunding process.

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