Grow My Brand Launches a Wide Range of Services Dedicated to Allied Health Professionals in Business

Founded by a Veteran Dietitian, The Company Aims to Reshape This Declining Industry Through Information Technology & Education

June 27, 2018 – Grow My Brand has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of brand strategy, online trainings, web development and much more. The company has a particular concern about the survival of the dietetic industry and is focusing particularly on the dietitians by helping them in growing their brands online to be more in line with customer needs. Moreover, Grow My Brand aims to help its clients in enhancing their online presence through web and social media.

“We create unique and sought after brands for health professionals to attract more clients and increase sales,” said the founder of Grow My Brand, who has also worked as a dietitian for more than eight years. “We have a particular concern for the survival of the dietetic industry because there has been a significant reduction in employment opportunities and clients seeking their services over the last 5 years.” she added. According to the founder, the decline in the demand for the profession is obvious and dietitians must start putting the client’s needs before their own desire to spread a generic message.

The founder of Grow My Brand predicted long ago that within 10-15 years, there will no longer be a dietetic profession. Therefore, she has created this company to save this inspiring profession by working with dietitians in business to define their relevant message and brand ready for the market. The sole aim of this emerging company is to help transition dietetic businesses out of the bubble and face the challenges that are causing the decline of this profession.

In addition, the services offered by Grow My Brand primarily include brand strategy, courses, online trainings, design, web development and coaching. Building a successful and profitable business for its clients is also one of the company’s core aims and its business model is a unique and a practical one. The company believes in educating its clients and raising awareness in this industry by equipping the professionals with the latest tools and techniques.

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