Global Debut of YiZhanDaoDi: the 2018 Race of Champions of Famous Universities, China’s Ace Quiz Show Triggering the Quiz World Cup this Summer

It has now been the sixth year since “YiZhanDaoDi: the Race of Champions of Famous Universities” was launched. The show features the brainstorms among students from the world’s top universities, and meets with considerable acclaim from its birth.

“Those who outperform you are still working more diligently than you do; and that is even more astonishing than their existing achievement!” The audience speak highly of the outstanding performance of these brains, and at the same time realize the infinity of knowledge as well as the importance of forever pursuing it. Each year, the race of champions of famous universities will lead to a new wave of Chinese television brainstorm, during which thousands of excellent competitors stand out and became rising stars attracting all of the attention.

To seek for the most powerful brain that longs for truth and problems resolving, our group travels across the world visiting every world-class university on this land. Besides bringing the viewers a feast of intelligence competition, we also manage to preserve the flavour of exotic cultures and the hue of academic environment from these top institutions.

This year the show welcomes more novelty in many ways, for instance, the contestants are much more experienced and knowledgeable. In addition, students from 24 famous universities enroll in teams, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, Sydney, Tsinghua, Peking University etc. They come for this stage not only to show their talents, but they also shoulder the responsibility of fighting for the school honor. The competition system has as well adjusted to a new one, which involves shifting answering chance and tag match. The contestants challenge each other, and more importantly, they also cultivate enlightening friendships during heated battles.

Highlighted by this year’s slogan “Come Along & Achieve More”, this year’s show aims at gathering the overseas students and returned scholars together on this most popular domestic stage while they exchange their sparkling ideas. There is no doubt that this will also be a culture shock among global views and civilizations. To be or not to be? Let’s find it out at 21:10 on July 2nd through the Race of Champions of Famous Universities!

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