Forsentek Improves Measuring Solutions With Quality Products To Get The Right Measurement

Forsentek Co., Limited is known worldwide for the provision of top-notch load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions to numerous countries around the world. Armed with experienced engineers in force sensor and load cell application area, Forsentek Co., Limited stands out among competitors for their highly rated service and also a fruitful partnership in view. Their load cells are affordable with a long life span and are geared toward giving quick and precise measurements for customers.

Forsentek Co., Limited believes in accurate measurement and has invested heavily in ensuring their Load Cell accomplishes this mission. As a leader in offering measuring solutions they have come up with products like Compression load cell, Tension compression load cell, Strain gauge load cell, Torque transducer and Button load cell to review some measurement issues. These load cells are customizable and have little to no weight but offer a high accuracy measurement. Some of their features include an inexpensive weight sensor and is deemed suitable for arduino based applications.

3 axis force sensor

Forsentek Co., Limited also has load cells for situations where measurement of pressure exerted on a tiny space is needed. For instance in the medical field; measurement of pressure on a syringe pump, measurement of a handheld device pressure or on any small item. For such situations their Miniature button load cell FC8E with only 8mm outer diameter and 6mm total height is the right choice for accurate measurement. This load cell is designed mainly with stainless steel and draws its basis on the advanced metal foil stain gauge technology and like other load cells from Forsentek, this Miniature Load Cell is customizable for any measurement.

Simple load cells accurately handle only one axis and can’t be used for multiple axis at once, but with multiple axis load cells this can be stretched. The 3 Axis Load Cell from Forsentek is a good example of a multi-axis load cell that can measure force in 3 axes a time. This aluminum constructed load cell is a one of a kind three dimensional force measurement load cell as its technology is Strain gauge with a compact size that makes it easy to install. This load cell is sold at a competitive price and produces an accurate analog output for clients.

About Forsentek Co., Limited

Forsentek Co., Limited is a world renowned load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions provider, with provision of products like Compression load cell, Tension compression load cell, Strain gauge load cell, Button load cell, Torque transducer and also customized force transducers to over 50 Countries. They also offer tailor-made force sensors for auto industry, robotics, medical equipment, etc. Forsentek has been able to make a positive impact in this industry and together with their quality oriented experienced engineers continue to provide suitable products that meet customer needs and offer a lifelong customer support to ensure a smooth usage of their products.

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