Sleemon Mattress Receives its Endorsement from the World Spine Experts, CDAHK

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Dr. Eric Chun-Pu Chu, DC, P (CDAHK Chairman) and Gang Yang (Sleemon CEO)

Most conventional mattresses have not transformed noticeably since the 1960s. On the current market, most mattresses are made up of a one size spring system that intertwine in different way to change the firmness of the bed. The original technology was invented in the late 1800s in the seats of horse drawn carriage. Therefore, we are sleeping in beds that are not carries the out-of-date development of the current knowledge of human body and sleep science. As we integrate ergonomics at workstations, car seats, and hone furniture, sleeping on a flat traditional mattress cannot please the current consumers which had made a new trend of ergonomics sleep system. Having reduced the physical stress on the bodies can enhance the sleep quality and wellbeing.

Sleemon has received its endorsement by the Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) for its foam mattress that use specialized designs with ergonomics requirements for clinically sound postural support. They have become publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) in 2012, and controls its entire supply chain, from factory to customer, with 8 registered brands in over 800 retail stores. With over 3,500 employees and facilities totaling more than 460,000 m2, Sleemon’s annual capacity reaches 4 million mattresses, making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of foam and spring mattresses.

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The CDAHK is a professional organization comprised of Hong Kong’s most educated and accomplished chiropractors, representing the healthcare profession in the local government and international community. After thoroughly evaluating Sleemon mattresses, the CDAHK has concluded that their sophisticated line of mattresses is ergonomically balanced and uses chiropractic-sound-design that serve as an important tool for the general health: by alleviating and preventing spinal stress. According to the CDAHK, over 80% of the public have some kind of back pain during their lives, and maintenance of spinal health is crucial of our society.

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The evaluation period takes approximately 3 months and the process includes interviews with their management team. After receiving the supporting documents of the proposal, the endorsement committees meet to discuss results and investigate the retail store and visit the manufacture factory. The endorsement consideration was based on the company’s history, credentials, vision, design, innovation and quality control. Upon completion of the examinations, the endorsement committees make its recommendation to the CDAHK executive to grant final approval. Once the executive signs off the final approved, the product endorsement agreement will be signed off that involves terms of yearly endorsement fees.

“The CDAHK is pleased to endorse Sleemon Mattress a health-related benefit for consumers. Our endorsement is granted after thorough review, analysis, testing, discussion, and evaluation by CDAHK’s review committees and final signed by the Executive Committees,” said the CDAHK’s Chairman, Dr. Eric Chun-Pu Chu. “We in development the revolutionized mattress, which will be able to measure patient’s weight, height, sleep pattern, and even heart rate. The CDAHK encourages individuals to choose high-quality mattress as an option to achieve optimum wellness.”

Drs Vincent Chan, Valerie Chu, Gabriel Ng, and Jeffrey Ng were the chiropractors who spend days in factory visits. “Sleemon foam is precision poured for consistency and comfort, digitally cut (convoluted cuts available), fully cured, and lab-tested for quality and low/zero emissions of volatile organic compounds to ensure. They have been selected as the biggest manufacture of IKEA in Asia. It has provided mattresses for world’s leading hotels including Sheraton, Hilton, JW Marriot, Shangri-la. We are happy to see a big change in the mattress industry. It will no longer be old fashion.” Said by Dr Valerie Chu. CDAHK Treasurer.

Unlike a conventional bed, an ergonomics mattress is designed with flexibility in mind – it is designed to support your entire body while you sleep. The results of better quality of sleep, the lesser aches and pains in your body during the day time. With proud enthusiasm, CDAHK endorses the Sleemon mattress as one of our China’s Choice of ergonomics bed.

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