Is The New Starbucks Ordering App Really Capable of Handling The Number of Orders by Customers?

Ordenaki’s CEO Nick D’Anello Shares His Thoughts on a Perfect ‘Ordering App’ Concept

June 28, 2018 – Starbucks has allowed its customers to place orders directly on their smartphone app. According to a recently published article on CNN Money, this decision has been made by Starbucks so that the customer could then pick up his or her order at a store near them. However, Nick D’Anello, the creator and founder of has a different understanding of this situation.

While explaining the problem, Nick has rightly suggested that Starbucks has fell short of its own capacity for each store and this is causing long queues outside each store. Therefore, launching this app has proven itself to be a major mistake by Starbucks because it is simply not prepared to handle the load.

“Starbucks may have chewed a bigger piece of the technology pie than it may be able to handle.” said Nick D’Anello, the creator and founder of, while sharing his thoughts. “While Starbuck’s thinking is right, their successful implementation fell short of their own capacity to serve their enormous clientele.” He added. According to Nick, stores are have limited capacities to handle number of customers at any given time and it is causing major problems at the end of the day for the world’s largest coffee chain.

Starbucks has made a serious technical mistake in the designing of this new business model as well as this new app.. Allowing anyone to place an order from an app requires some form of monitoring of the current number of orders in process at any given location. Limiting the number of orders to the capacity of the store in question could help prevent the longer lines at pickup.

Nick has resolved this problem in his own ordering app called Ordernaki. In this new model, Nick limits the number of orders sent to the restaurant’s staff to the number of tables available at the restaurant and it is working flawlessly so far. Customers scan a QR code at their table which pulls-up the restaurant’s menu and the order is directly sent to the kitchen staff to handle. In the meantime, the customer can check his order status from his or her phone, order more items, get a server’s attention, or just go back to his or her own kingdom of smartphone entertainment.

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