Creative Biostructure Enhanced Its Liposomes Technology for Liposome Preparation and Manufacturing

Creative Biostructure, a world leading supplier that has been focused on the development of liposome technologies for years, recently enhanced its personnel and facilities for its liposome service offering with the ultimate goal to provide its customers the best services all the way from custom liposome production, analysis and characterization to application.

Thanks to the amphipathic characters, liposomes are considered extensively as promising carriers for drug delivery. Moreover, liposomes have achieved more clinical acceptance by the ability of long circulation residence time and precise targeting. In recent years, liposome technology has successfully been applied in a broad range of pharmaceutical applications such as cancer therapy, antibacterial, antifungal, immunomodulation, diagnostics, and vaccines.

Creative Biostructure has developed the Liposomes Technology with plenty of advantages:
• Nontoxic, biocompatible, and completely biodegradable;
• Enhanced bioactivity and efficacy;
• Site avoidance effect;
• Increased stability via encapsulation processes;
• Reduced toxicity of encapsulated drugs;
• Flexibility for active targeting.

“As novel liposome designs manipulate the solubility of encapsulated small organic molecules, protects the embedded agents from degradation, and achieves site-specific delivery, it has become increasingly important nowadays. We are so glad to provide novel liposome formulations with different properties to both academic and industrial clients. Hope we can help pave the way and accelerate the research process of our customers.” Commented Joanna, the chief marketing staff in Creative Biostructure.

Besides, Creative Biostructure is also able to prepare liposomes through different methods including sonication, ultrasonication, french pressure cell, extrusion, membrane extrusion and lipid film hydration.

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