Chaitali Nath\’s debut book \’Soul Spoken\’ released worldwide

Soul Spoken is the journey of a beautiful heart spoken through a soul

Adolescence is that time period of person’s life where he/she is generally interpreted as a confused adult or an overgrown child; though this is the ‘misinterpretation’ that needs to be subsided. Teenage is a completely different phase of life – an intermediate between the other two. A person develops in all areas during this phase. A teenager is a different kind of individual – unique and distinctive with intense emotions about all aspects of life, be it love, parents, education, friends or life in general.

‘Soul Spoken’ published by White Falcon Publishing has been written from a teenager’s view on the world and its constituents. After all, the world hasn’t seen how a teenager has seen it. The author has tried to expose the intricate web of felings that teenagers come across. The book has three parts – Poems; Quotes, Musings and Open Letters; and Stories. Poems are raw and reflect the feelings of the author vividly. The section of Quotes, Musings and Open Letters is inspiring and thought provoking, something that we all can ponder over. Short-stories concentrate on the creation of mood keeping in mind the storyline.

Chaitali Nath was born in 2002 in Kolkata in a doctor’s family. She loves sincerity, punctuality, honesty and simplicity in life. She likes reading, listening to music, studying of religions, nature and tries to find beauty in whatever life has to offer. She can be reached at her website

This book would definitely give you something to cherish. It’s a book worth investing. The Author has poured out her soul into writing of her book. In this book, her ‘Soul’ has ‘Spoken’ for sure.

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