Network Ninja Launches Digital Assistant Software for Business Professionals

Massachusetts, US – Creating and managing a business can be stressful at times, especially when it’s first starting up. Networking can relieve the tension while providing copiousbenefits for a company’s infrastructure such as gaining advice, finding new opportunities, improving communication, and gathering new clientele.Networking can be accomplishedthrough the form of social media, blogging, joining a club or even participating in ahobby to meet people and gather valuable contacts. Having a simple and easy network marketing software, like that created by Network Ninjas, can make managing these contacts effortless and profitable.

This company wants businesses owners and entrepreneurs to succeed in their endeavors and has designed a platform to fit every business need. It was founded by entrepreneurs, designers, marketers and developers who have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. They know having a large and resourceful network is key to this success so they’ve included numerous tools and features to assist in managing information.

It can get frustrating for a business when they have countless media outlets for making connections. Having to log into each account on separate websites can be monotonous and remembering those passwords can be frustrating. For this, they integrated a merging tool that allows multiple emails, phone numbers, and even social media messages into a single address book to have all contacts in one place. It also deletes any duplicates to make viewing much faster.

Texting, e-mailing, and calling contacts is also available in this software. Webinar conferences and Video chats are also featured so everyone can interact at one time at one convenient location.Scrounging around for notes on the days conference doesn’t have to lead to mis-labeled files or mounds of unfiled paperwork. The ability to monitor the specific times and dates in one place makes finding meeting information simple.

They know keeping track of projects and watching progresscan help a company establish and maintain their quota, while also seeing where improvements can be made. They’ve made this better than ever by ccreating lists that collect networking data like the amount of contacts and how many messages are being sent to and from them. This is all combined to create statistics known as networking output.

Marketing services such as synchronizing contacts, webinars, calendar reminders, and reporting are all important aspects to creating a prosperous business. Network Ninjas has it all and more. Their aspirations for success offerone combined platform to reach all marketing goals.

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