Video Plays Increasingly Vital Recruitment Role at Large Companies

Large employers use video storytelling as part of their recruitment efforts. The image is a screenshot from a 2-minute video featuring Cisco Networking Academy student Jacob Brink, produced by Cynthia Kay and Company.
As employers struggle to recruit or retain top talent, many look for ways to put a human face on their enterprise. An increasingly important tool is video, which is being produced for internal as well as external audiences.

San Francisco, CA – June 28, 2018 – In the current employment environment, skilled employees in most industries are a hot commodity.  Competition is fierce to not only attract and recruit top talent, but to engage and retain valuable employees.

Video is playing a major role as corporations seek to put a more human face forward.

Cynthia Kay and Company is a video production and communications firm specializing in video communications for its Fortune 100 clients. Founder and president Cynthia Kay says video is playing a larger role in communications of all kinds because it has broad appeal with viewers. With the exponential growth in mobile devices, video is readily accessible and easily consumed.

Another factor driving the importance of video to large employers is the shift in prominence of the millennial generation among employees.

In an era where disrupting established industries, beliefs and even currency itself is the ‘new black,’ millennials are already the largest generation in the workforce. In fact, the millennial generation is replacing the boomer generation at all levels in all industries to the tune of thousands of people per day.

This demographic transformation of the workforce is slated to continue for more than a decade.

“Millennials grew up with video, and as a result they’re more comfortable both consuming and appearing in video. If you’re trying to reach millennials you have to be using video,” says Kay.

“One of the ways to engage with a younger audience is to move away from constantly using a CEO or senior executive on-camera. We’ve had a lot of success with clients with a program called My Company – My Story, where we use a diverse group of employees to relate the importance of certain projects internally or to highlight the benefits of working at the company,” Kay continued.

Kay says that hearing from a company executive is one thing, though hearing a similar message from someone you could be working alongside, is a much closer ‘message to market’ match, and explains the increasing demand for video in recruitment.

Production quality definitely matters, and Kay advises working with a skilled communications firm with experience producing video. “There are many components to a great video, and one of the challenges is that today videos generally need to be shorter. It actually takes a lot to successfully tell an important story in just a few minutes.”

Kay says that videos with the strongest impact are driven by the story as well as the storyteller, so it’s important to choose wisely.

“Employee engagement is a major challenge in large companies. Video storytelling is not only useful in recruiting new talent, it is a powerful tool to reinforce culture and purpose – two things that are very important to millennial employees,” Kay explained.

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