CSI Secure Solutions Appoints Xavier Powell as new Director of Operations for Security Division

CSI Secure Solutions, LLC has in the past provided a range of Investigative services. The clients of CSI have always been satisfied with services received and because of this CSI has opened a new and separately run security division. This division is run by Xavier Powell, director of operations and he was named partner in November 2017. This division has many responsibilities, and they include the provision of security guard services for special events. This new division will also help to supplement in-house operations and also provide permanent security services. Under the leadership of managing partner and founder Chris Cavallo, this CSI security division will provide Security Consulting Services that includes Project Design, Engineering and Security System integration for small, medium and also large-scale projects. The creation of this new division will create new possibilities for CSI clients and employees. Here is a detail of some of the things this division will be able to do for clients

1) Ensure the safety of physical assets

The goal of the division is to make sure that every asset in your community, office or business place is safe. This service is permanent and is available to you 24 hours a day. When you pay for this service, security guards will be stationed at your facility, day and night to ensure that nothing is lost.

2) Ensure safety of client

This division also makes sure that the client is safe by also providing bodyguards whom can be deployed to escort the client and ensure their safety. The purpose being to keep the client safe from incidences of assault, kidnapping and assassination that has become common in the 21st century. The client may not be a single individual, it could be an institution like a school or bank. In this case, security guards and other high-tech security equipment are employed to make sure that everyone being guarded is safe.

3) Security consulting

This is a very important area when it comes to security. Probably you already have your own security systems in place. The security division of CSI can act as a consultant to make sure that your security system is not vulnerable to attack and also help you to discover external threats and stop them. Security consulting is simply advising and guiding a client on how to handle security in a way to get maximum benefits. If security systems are not handled and directed properly, it will not be sufficient in protecting the client and his assets. 

These are some of the things this new division is set to offer you and as you can see all of these services are indispensable as far as security is concerned.

Chris Cavallo’s footprint has been in the South Florida marketplace for the last 35 years. His brand is visible in residential communities, office buildings, Towers and arenas in Latin America as well as having offices in Bogota, Colombia. This new division is just a way of making sure that excellent security service will continue to be delivered to the CSI Secure Solutions clients.

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