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Lawn 101 is in the business of providing advice, sales, service, and maintenance of Zero Turn lawn mowers. The Zero Turn is a complicated piece of machinery that fortunately does its job very well.  With landscapes that combine hardscape and green elements, zero-turns has proven to be very reliable and maneuverable when faced with these mixed elements. From entry-level zero-turns to the state of the art models, Lawn 101 provides a one-stop shop, For example, the quick on and off aspects of stand-on ZTRs are favored, but mowers that can maneuver around tighter spaces are gaining popularity as well.

Entry Level Zero Turners

The entry-level zero turn mowers are perfect for homeowners with big backyards looking to get that super top-quality cut, they are doing this faster than cutting with riding mowers or push mowers. Riding mowers maybe good for big expanses of grass, but with zero turn mowers, you get more maneuvering capabilities and better horsepower. And they are the most affordable models. The added advantage is that they are also flexible enough to be moved in and out of gates and storage areas. The ZT1500 is a typical example in this category.

The mid-range zero turn

Mid-range zero turn mowers offer even more mowing power for homeowners who have a lot of space and need to cover it with less time. They are great for fields with trees and other elements to navigate. The horsepower is something to look out for, allowing the user to cut a lot of grass efficiently and quickly. The Simplicity ZT3500 zero turn mowers provide a top-of-the-line mowing performance in this category. In the same category is the John Deere Z345R and the Toro TimeCutter SWX5050 if you are a lover of serious technology.

The heavy-duty zero turn

Not these ones are recommended for the landscaping professional, or the market farmer or even the homeowner with the really big land. IT comes into its element in those areas. Bigger engine, larger fuel tanks, it’s the obvious choice for that major mowing project.  The Simplicity Champion zero turn mowers come is for homeowners with serious ground to cover. You need heavy-duty power, and this mower has it. Featuring a uniquely comfortable rear suspension system, a commercial drive system, a powerful Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series engine, and a 50” wide deep profile mower deck.

Lawn 101 offers the best breed for all your lawn work. Their recommendation usually comes from rigorous testing of the various machines in different categories and documenting the tests, giving you the option to know the pros and cons before making purchases. Lawn 101 has the experience and the know-how in the business. You can reach Nathan Ripley on and visit the website address They are an Amazon connected store and can ship throughout the United States.

Lawn101 is in the business of selling and supporting lawn maintenance equipment including Mowers, Rototillers and offers product advice and recommendations.

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