My Choice LED Unveiled LED Solutions That Can Be Applied in The Area of Transportation, Education and Healthcare

My choice LED, a leading LED display solution provider, offering professional outdoor/indoor full-color LED products that will satisfy various needs from customers all over the world.

New York – Jun 29th, 2018 – My choice LED, a leading LED display solution provider, offering professional outdoor/indoor full-color LED products that will satisfy various needs from customers all over the world. Recently, My choice LED releases innovative and state-of-the-art LED solutions that can be applied in the area of transportation, education, healthcare etc. Advances in LED display and vision technology have made it possible to attract more users to these businesses.

LED market has developed rapidly in the past few years, and transferring into several types, such as micro LED, which is considered as next-generation display technologies with excellent contrast, low power consumption, fast response time and wide viewing angle performance. In the past few years, advances in optoelectronics and nanotechnology have promoted the LED display technology. Due to environmental issues, the demand for green products and energy-saving products is getting higher, better display quality and improved backlighting are provided by next-generation display technologies through expending less energy to provide other qualities such as high resolution.

4K technology, referring to a 4,000-pixel horizontal resolution in various digital formats, which is mainly applied for filming and scanning 35mm film to digital. Products using 4K technology are used in a variety of applications such as retail and advertising, entertainment, consumer electronics, business and education, aerospace and defense. In the next-generation display market, digital cameras and smart TVs are growing far faster than other products.

Minimized, sturdy, slim and flexible displays, trends in the display market, wider viewing angles and high resolution consist of the driving forces in the LED market. Although the high cost of raw materials and applications used for such displays is a limiting factor in this market, reducing prices and manufacturing with low costs through mass production are some of the opportunities for developers in the LED market. The application of high resolution LED display also is increasing, this trend may drive the development of the 4K market in the coming years, however, the high-resolution requirements for video and pictures are needed for 4K technology, which will also be a challenge.

The next-generation display market is segmented according to applications, components, components, resolution. Based on the application, the next-generation display market is divided into the mobile phone market, consumer electronics, industrial applications, film/entertainment, television/display, automotive, advertising and e-reader markets. And based on the component technology, the market is divided into OLED display applications, electroluminescent display technology, electrowetting display technology, field emission display applications, electrophoretic display technology and LED display technology applications.

About My choice LED

My choice LED, providing consumers with innovative outdoor and indoor LED display for application of events, stage, church etc. to greatly enhanced picture and video performance. My choice LED is a well recognized LED industry leader with rich experience and professional customer service involving active users worldwide. Besides, our new LED solution will help consumers get a better experience in the development of healthcare, education and tourism.

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