ATLAS Now Offers Latest in Meeting Space Tech for Successful Distributed/Virtual Teams

ATLAS Workbase now provides and maintains the latest in meeting space technology to allow and empower effective distributed coworking – across the country or across the globe.

Seattle, WA – 29 June, 2018 – ATLAS Workbase has been providing outstanding “intentionally designed, flexible Workbases, which enable the community to create and conduct business successfully.” And now they are working to provide the meeting space technology that will further enhance that work flexibility with a cutting-edge system designed to set ATLAS apart from other coworking spaces.

For ATLAS’s Ken DeMaria, charged with setting up and maintaining this technology, “Coworking without technology is just a room.” And this project is his passion. It involves setting up coworking space tech such that someone a meeting room in Seattle can now collaborate with a group of people in a meeting room in New York, and another person can jump into the conversation from, say, Arizona. According to DeMaria, “Meeting spaces in the past have been defined as four walls with a table in the middle and maybe a TV on one end. Now it’s rooms or spaces, open or closed, outside or inside, with high technology access that allows people to do video conferencing work and collaboration in a variety of different modalities.”

Perhaps chief in importance for meeting space technology  is the WiFi network ATLAS offers. Providing high-speed, low-latency, super-reliable Internet, it is the backbone of the other technologies and work space amenities offered.

The new meeting room audio technology is another essential element of the new form of coworking. And it’s a lot more than just a sound system to allow teleconferencing from a central location. ATLAS’s audio technology is also designed with insulation and baffled ceilings to keep sound at an optimum level and to limit extrinsic distracting noise. Basically, it can facilitate successful virtual face-to-face meetings with people on the other side of the globe.

When it comes to HD video teleconferencing technology, ATLAS deploys Zoom Rooms. After assessing and re-assessing and considering useability and reliability, this has become the standard software for teleconferencing. Again, according to DeMaria, “I can’t tell you how many people who have come here who have not been able to have a successful virtual meeting. This was technology they didn’t even know they needed. Virtual meetings are now turning into the way work gets done.” This is how ATLAS’s meeting space technology is expanding the meaning of coworking and making collaboration easier and more effective.

And ATLAS has even more in the works with respect to meeting space technology with their planned expansion. They are, for example, looking into including virtual touch and sharing, along with virtual whiteboards and touch screen technologies like Microsoft Surface Hubs.

Now offering the latest – and with more to come – in meeting space technology, ATLAS Workbase aims to enable and facilitate distributed teams and coworking. According to DeMaria, “At the end of the day, when you have a space where people feel relaxed and not distracted, they get a lot of work done and they feel happier doing it.”

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