Southern Drinking Club Releases New Handcrafted Whiskey Tasting Kit

Houston, TX – There is nothing like being able to sit back with a group of wonderful friends and enjoy some good times and good drinks. The better the drinks are, the better social time that everyone will be able to have. Being readily equipped with the proper and fun drinking gear to create the perfect drinks will help to amplify any good time that a group of people may have. That is why Southern Drinking Club has just released their newest handcrafted whiskey gift set.

Southern Drinking Club brings the Southern charm and refinery to enhance the drinking experience and deliver high-end drinking ware. The goal of their company is to unite people over great times and great drinks. The founders of the company recognize that some of their best memories come from sharing drinks with their close friends, which is why they want to amplify this experience for all their club members through the provision of high-quality drinking accessories.

The newest line of drinking ware is the handcrafted whiskey tasting kit. The kit includes 3 whiskey glasses, a whiskey flight board made of reclaimed whiskey barrel, whiskey stones, and a water eye dropper, all in a pine gift box. Good whiskey is sure to bring sophistication to any event, andwith the whiskey tasting set that is offered by Southern Drinking Club, this level of sophistication is easily accessible.

Aside from their whisky tasting kit, Southern Drinking Club offers a wide array of other drinking paraphernalia, ranging from whiskey tasting sets to drinking accessories to Southern Drinking Club apparel. This includes handcrafted bottle holders that add a bit of character to any experience, as well as stylized flasks so that drinks can be brought along even if the group of friends is on the go.

The wide variety of merchandise allows for a solid selection of housewarming presents or gifts in general, particularly for those who want to share some of the Southern charm and refinery with their friends and family. For convenience, all the products of the Southern Drinking Club can be ordered online on their website.

From their wide variety of drinking accessories to their clothing, Southern Drinking Club is helping to ensure that all their customers and their friends have a good time close at hand. With their new tasting kit, they are helping those who enjoy a fine whiskey to drink in style.

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