GAMIVO, a Global Marketplace for Digital Products

Some of the best treasure finds are hidden in the most unlikely places. This is certainly the case with GAMIVO, the revolutionary global marketplace for digital products run by gamers for gamers. Rare and special products have a place in this online store – where it serves nothing but the most reasonable products for enthusiasts. And because the site is foundedfor certified by online residents, they know a good bargain when they see one.

The Basics of the Store

Buying in GAMIVO is as simple as the movement of a mouse. The store holds a similarity to E-Bay where the products’ image are presented along with their price and product details when a customer clicks on it. Along with the profile image, a game trailer and stills are included to give a visual summary of the game. Region, languages, reviews are in the tabs. There are also similar games recommended by GAMIVO that one can access to view. A comprehensive description of the game, its general storyline and computer requirements are listed. If all is satisfied, it can be safely put in your online cart until it is time for payment; the shipping fee included. It is possible that several versions of the game are sold so a customer can browse the best price for a good deal. After purchase, the client is expected to use a game key to activate; these would be available after the user is registered.

Buyers Become Sellers

The one feature that makes them stand among the best of online stores is granting their customers the permission to be part of their trading system. The large scale of commodities means that there is something for everyone. Selling games can include main products on the listing with a PC Activation CD key for known platforms such as Steam, UPlay and Origin, among others. Supplementary fees and commissions are stated in the terms and conditions and in the website. GAMIVO is a merchant-oriented marketplace that has a dynamic fee system and helps with resolving troubleshooting issues.

Customer Service is a Priority

The benefits of using GAMIVO services are plenty:

* The lowest commission fee of 6%
* Seven (7) days for payout
* Updated and state-of-art technology and sales automation
* Vendors with high monthly activities have an extra 1% cashback

GAMIVO services are divided into business, marketing and support. Registration is compulsory and protecting information is something that is not taken lightly. When all the necessary inputs are in, the account and purchases are strictly confidential and only available to the person buying and amounts to the seller. These are protected by the Outstanding Customer Support Team. Other amazing benefits are Priority Support, Fast Mediation and Priority pre-orders. Furthermore, the Support System handles Frequently Asked Questions in Buying, Selling, Payments and Miscellaneous.

The GAMIVO website for European clientele who prefer a graphical representation of what they can buy and skip the hassle of talking to a salesperson.Our digital store accepts all most popular and accessible payment methods like PayPal, Credits, PaySafeCard and Bitcoins.

Satisfied customers cannot help but rave about their successful purchases, sales quality and when to buy again. The digital store prides itself by offering instant service, in case there is deficiency of the product. As David, one of their clients suggest of their experience, “GAMIVO has a brilliant service at an affordable rate and people can get reasonable deals that compare to higher models.” A repeated purchase is most likely.

Browse through different games on all leading distribution platforms offered by hundreds of merchants, stay protected while making the purchase and enjoy the game!

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