The Logic Inbound Approach to Healthcare Marketing

Focus on treating your patients, not find them. Logic Inbound provides proven client acquisition strategies to create dozens of new appointments every week for healthcare, testosterone, functional medicine and naturopathic clinics across the United States.
The healthcare industry is impressively competitive, and with more and more people searching online, healthcare firms need to utilize the power of online marketing to their advantage. Healthcare marketing is all about getting the right leads by using various digital marketing techniques. Logic Inbound goes by an approach to healthcare marketing that has gotten their clients up to 900% returns on search engine optimization investments.

Marketing for services-based businesses is challenging, as the end result does not depend on the amount of ‘awareness’ or ‘hype’ that is generated by the strategy, but by qualified leads that provide business. Logic Inbound, a Seattle-based digital marketing agency, understands this very well and focuses on proven strategies to drive qualified traffic to a healthcare firm’s website.

Sure, running ads on social media for your healthcare firm might give you a few leads, but the cost of advertising will soon prove to be a prohibiting factor, especially if the leads do not convert. To provide maximum return on investment, Logic Inbound instead prefers to drive organic traffic by ranking in top spots for highly competitive keywords on Google. This client acquisition strategy has proven successful for the agency and its clients, creating dozens of appointments every week for a variety of clinics in the United States.

The client testimonials for the agency say it all, mentioning the increase in calls following gains in search results rankings. Search engine optimization should be a key strategy for every business that needs an online presence, but is often ignored due to slow results or too many trial-and-error-based efforts. Logic Inbound uses its own proven techniques, which have helped even its own website rank for highly competitive keywords in top places on search engines.

The agency also has SEO experts who make regular appearances at various SEO and digital marketing events, giving talks that are well-received by expert audiences. Logic Inbound takes care of marketing for firms who want to focus on business and operations. Driving traffic from search engines can often seem like an enigmatic venture, but Logic Inbound has devised a blueprint that allows it to consistently deliver favorable returns on investments for its clients. The agency’s goal for its healthcare clients is for them to focus on treating patients, and not finding them. 

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