Blockchain-Based MCY Marine Chain Whitepaper Published for Potential Investors

MCY, a marine chain project which is based on the blockchain technology, would soon be launched by the developers. Recently, the whitepaper of the project was published for investors and stakeholders alike.

MCY Marine Chain, a marine chain based on blockchain which aims to give users the rights to perform, so as to ensure the protection of the marine life and environment, would be released soon. The developers of the marine chain recently published a whitepaper on how the marine chain would possibly improve the marine environment and protect the marine ecology. The whitepaper, which was published at a recent press conference held in Beijing, would answer many queries of investors and stakeholders alike, the developers believe.

“For continuous protection of the marine ecology and environment, the decentralized character of the Marine Chain would be implemental, as the MCY marine chain grants each and every user to supervise as well as maintain the marine ecology. In that way, everyone becomes a part of the management. The users must realize the significance of protection of marine ecology and bear the responsibility of protecting the ecology, while abiding by the rules of the global marine environmental protection. This will lead to further mutual cooperation and supervision”, said a senior developer of MCY at the event. 

The developer also provided ample examples to explain how the use of their blockchain-based marine chain would ensure that marine products data be recorded directly in the blockchain. “The entity which participates in the blockchain can effectively see each of the links, and the information cannot be tampered by anyone. The information can further be traced back to each point and the backup threats can be easily avoided. Marine Chain would bring a new idea in the field of tracing marine products. We believe that persons and entities plying their trades in this field would be able to eliminate all the blind spots and add more necessary details to the transaction information. This way, they can also spread the knowledge and awareness about marine biodiversity”, added the developer.

According to the developer, MCY Marine Chain would remediate the disorders in the marine ecology and protect the underwater biodiversity. “By using the blockchain-based marine chain, our users can increase their efficiency in seafood trading as Marine Chain would work as a trans-border circulation tool for the fisher consumer exchange global market, as well as work as a credible circulation medium for all sorts of marine consumption. People and organizations engaged in seafood trading, fishery credit reporting can hugely benefit from the Marie Chain as they can bring industrial innovation for changing the role relationships.

“At the core of the MCY marine Chain, there is weak centralization. It alters the functionalities of the marine fisheries and streamlines the interaction and relationships between different roles. While some roles are weakened or abolished, some other roles take the centre stage, and the goal is to improve the efficiency of the product circulation. High level living test certification and providing eal name services to different scenarios and application platforms would become a lot easier with the launch of the Marine Chain. In addition to that, a credit information system can also be established with the help of MCY Marine Chain. What we have seen in the past is that the maritime trading market is marked by a lack of punctuality in providing supply and demand related information and there was no adequate credit support for both the buyer and seller sides. Maritime consumer information is important for fishermen, shippers, masters and the various persons and entities that are directly involved in maritime trading”, added the developer during the press conference.

According to the developer of MCY, their whitepaper answers the questions related to standardization of marine tourism and systematic reduction in marine pollution. “MCY Chain has the potential to gamify the entire tourism industry and one can use the gamified excursions for discovering new attractions. It can effectively reduce the chances of fraud in maritime tourism”, he claimed.

Bi Mowei, one of the founder members of MCY Marine Chain, said that the decentralized system is primarily aimed at creating a safe trading environment. “We need a censorship mechanism to prevent illegal activities. The MCY1.0 is now being evaluated by our consultants and we will soon resolve the issue. Our team is full of institutional talents and we will soon launch the MCY full version after completely reviewing it. We are inviting all the potential investors to go over the whitepaper. We are aiming at promoting and establishing blockchain-based system in the maritime trading and tourism industry as we believe this will bring a paradigm shift to the industry and all the ancillary industries as well. This will strengthen the cross-border exchange in the long run”, said Mr. Mowei during the whitepaper launch.

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