IVD Raw Materials Are Launched by Creative Diagnostics for Researchers

As a global leader in the manufacture of raw materials, reagents and antibodies for biotechnology industry, Creative Diagnostics recently launches varieties of IVD raw materials to the global marketplace for life science applications. Featured products such as DENV antigens of four distinct serotypes, Lp-PLA2 monoclonal antibody pair, and tumor markers are all available.

For the featured products, two highly selective anti-human Lp-PLA2 monoclonal antibodies were recently developed by Creative Diagnostics, which make possible the development of highly sensitive and rapid sandwich immunoassays. Our in-house assays have a linear detection range from 0.13 to 1000 ng/mL. All recommended MAb combinations were evaluated in medium-scale clinical trials with blood samples from normal and patients with atherosclerosis or cerebral infarction.

“Creative Diagnostics provides expansive range of monoclonal antibodies and purified antigens for immunoassay development. We are experienced in meeting the rigorous demands of the industrial clients. Our success has been due, in large part, to our commitment that to find the most effective solutions for our customers’ individual needs.” said one of a senior scientific officer of R&D department of Creative Diagnostics.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality of raw materials and reagents for researchers focused in the In Vitro Diagnostic Industry. Our products have gone through rigorous quality control tests and we can provide repeatable, dependable results to meet all of your reagent needs. We’ll do our best to ensure that we can provide our customers with the best solution possible.” said Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department of Creative Diagnostics.

Creative Diagnostics will provide its customers with IVD raw materials of the highest quality, and tailored to their requirements. If you want to know more information about the IVD raw materials, please contact Creative Diagnostics at 1-631-619-7922 or email to contact@creative-diagnostics.com.

About Creative Diagnostics

Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components and critical assay reagents. It also provides contract biologic R&D and manufacturing services to the diagnostic manufacturers along with GMP biologics manufacturing for the biopharmaceutical market. It aims to provide a trusted source for all researchers’ assay development and manufacturing needs.

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