HISCORE Engine Promises to Significantly Cut Carbon Emissions Without Diminishing Engine Output

With the buildup of greenhouse gases and depletion of global energy reserves, the world has long needed a next generation engine that is more efficient and less polluting.  The HISCORE Engine promises to do just that using a proven technology—the external combustion engine (ECE). The introductory 1600 model has been engineered for deliverying better than a 60 percent improvement in fuel consumption over the conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) of the same power. Furthermore, the HISCORE Engine also offers a similar reduction in carbon emissions in side by side comparisons with the ICE. Not only does this engine offer greater fuel efficiency and less pollution, but it is also a silent running engine that is 100% quieter than its ICE counterpart.

The HISCORE Engine employs a proprietary steam powered rotary-piston engine to generate high-torque. The HISCORE 1600 model Engine can generate 450 horsepower, designed to pull a standard sized tractor trailer.  This engine can use a variety of fuels in liquid or gaseous form including gasoline, diesel, natural gas or ethanol. The HISCORE 1600 Engine has been specially designed to be retrofitted into standard trucks.

The amazing HISCORE 1600 Engine has been performance calculated by a physics Ph.D. with outstanding results. Despite the enormous promise of the HISCORE Engine, this project is in need of financial support.  To complete Phase I of this project, the team estimates that $1.5 million will be needed.  The HISCORE team invites the public to participate in this historic project by financially supporting their Indiegogo campaign. In addition to helping create a viable alternative to fuel-guzzling and dirty gas polluting engines, backers will be rewarded with the knowledge that they have helped usher in a new age of environmental responsibility.  To learn more about the HISCORE Engine or to make a financial contribution, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hiscore-engine-environment-protection-technology.

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Media Contact
Company Name: HISCORE Engine: Environment Protection Technology
Contact Person: Alan Thom
Email: alanthom@rm.quik.com.au
Country: United States
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hiscore-engine-environment-protection-technology